19 Comforting Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers

Michele Meleen
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Sending flowers to the funeral home after a person dies is customary in American culture. These floral arrangements surround the casket during a funeral as a way to show support and love for the deceased. Close friends, family members and anyone in attendance at the funeral can read the messages accompanying the flowers, so take time to choose the right words.

Short Sympathy Messages for Flowers for Friends and Family

There are no words to make a death feel less painful, but these short phrases show your sympathy during a difficult time. Choose an option most suited to your relationship with the deceased and it will be well received.

  • Funeral
    Our friend will be missed today, tomorrow, forever.
  • My deepest sympathies to all friends and family as we gather to honor (name of deceased).
  • Like a beautiful flower, (name of deceased)'s memory will bloom in our hearts year after year.
  • I'm sorry for your loss, may our gesture of comfort reach your heart.
  • We will always remember the good times, learn from the bad, and live for our friend.
  • I'll walk beside you to share in your grief and help in your healing.
  • We are here for you, take what you need - help, comfort, time alone - and we will gladly give it.
  • When death hands us grief, we offer these flowers as a truce that beauty and life may prevail.

Short Messages to the Deceased

If you prefer to send the funeral flowers as an offering to the deceased, address the note to him. This is your opportunity to say a final goodbye or offer one last personal message about your feelings toward the person who has passed.

  • Our loss is God's gain, may you find peace in life beyond.
  • Goodbye for now dear (sister, father, friend, etc.). I know we'll find each other again someday.
  • Sending love your way.
  • Loving you was easy, missing you is hard.
  • I'll look for signs each and every day you're still with me, this I pray.
  • Because you deserve to be decorated and adorned.

Long Notes of Sympathy for Flowers

Those with a close relationship to the deceased or his family may wish to offer a longer note with more depth. If you choose a longer option, keep it to two or three sentences. You may need to scrap the standard flower arrangement card for a larger one to accommodate the message.

  • Thank you for touching my life. You'll never know the extent to which you reached my soul. Your love and kindness have left a mark that will go on to touch others, so your spirit will always live on.
  • In sadness and celebration we stand together as a family to work through this difficult time. Just as we walked through life together, we'll find a way through the pain of death.
  • Your (father, mother, aunt, etc.) was and still is a gift to my life. When I least expected it, he/she appeared and gave me so much joy I could never repay.
  • There is no way to express my sorrow for you so I'll say it the only way I know how: I'm sorry for your loss and for your grief.
  • Some people mark us with their kindness, love and zest. (Name of deceased) was someone who left a mark invisible to all but to the trained eye who can see a little piece of her in all of us.

Closing Phrases

Short, quick phrases can be used alone or after one of the previous messages. Each of these closings should be followed by the names of everyone giving the arrangement.

  • Sympathy card
    With healing wishes
  • From our hearts to yours
  • In sympathy we share
  • To love and remembrance
  • In celebration of life

Inspiration for Sympathy Messages

A sympathy message is a way to offer condolences to friends and family or send a final message to the deceased. Depending on your relationship, you can also use Bible verses, famous quotes, poems and song lyrics as your message. For more sayings, take inspiration from:

  • Short bereavement card messages offer words of comfort and sorrow.
  • Longer messages like sympathy sayings for the loss of a child or parent make sense on cards for gifts and arrangements because they read like poems and offer comfort.
  • Use anything you would say in person to someone who is grieving. Take the opportunity to reiterate your own feelings and offers.

A Final Goodbye

The note attached to the funeral flowers is your chance to say goodbye to a friend or family member who is no longer with you. It is also an opportunity to let other close relatives or friends know how you are feeling. No matter which kind of message you choose, make sure it comes from your heart.

19 Comforting Sympathy Messages for Funeral Flowers