60+ Creative Celebration of Life Quotes and Sayings

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Celebration of life quotes and various sayings can reinforce the positive joy of a ceremony. You may also find these affirmations helpful ways to cope with your grief.

"A Life Well Lived" Celebration of Life Quotes

You can use celebration of life quotes as a tribute to a loved one who has passed. You may also place a few creative celebration of life quotes on your office wall or use as daily mantras. Each time you feel unwanted negative thoughts or feelings creeping in, you can turn to these sayings for affirmations and remembrance.

  1. A life well lived is a tribute to all.
  2. A life well lived is filled with joy and love.
  3. Life is a gift, love is a gift, and when both are bestowed, you have a life well lived.
  4. Evidence of a life well lived is found in those who love you.
  5. A life well lived is an example to all.
  6. Love everyone for a life well lived.
  7. Good deeds go hand in hand with a life well lived.
  8. A life well lived is marked by a path of love.
  9. A life well lived leaves others enriched.
  10. A life well lived extends a helping hand.
  11. What's love got to do with a life well lived? Everything!
  12. No greater statement can be made than [insert hers or his] was a life well lived.
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Celebration of Life Quotes for a Dad

A dad is the embodiment of all things children view as heroic and brave. A father leads his children by example and is always mindful of his powerful influence over their lives.

  1. Dad was a man of few words, but they were always kind ones."
  2. My father was fearless and instilled hope in all he met.
  3. Dad understood that to live life meant taking risks, but the rewards were worth it.
  4. My Dad showed us love every day by the way he nurtured and cared for us.
  5. My Pop knew who he was and lived each day true to his values.
  6. My Dad set daily goals to mark his personal progress and growth.
  7. Dad may have worked hard, but he always made time to go on adventures with us.
  8. My Dad's greatest legacy was teaching me to enjoy life!
  9. Pop said anger is a waste of powerful energy that is better spent making life better for those he loved.
  10. Dad put family first in all he did.
  11. My Dad taught me to respect the opinions of others. He said I didn't have to agree with them, but I should honor their right to have them, otherwise how could I expect them to respect mine.
  12. Pop taught me the quality of your life depends on how free you are.
  13. He advised me to always have a pencil handy, so I could use one end to erase the things I didn't like about myself and the other end to add the qualities I wanted to have.
Celebration of life quote for a Dad

Celebration of Life Quotes for a Mom

A mother is the heart of the family unit. She is responsible for instilling many desirable virtues in her children. A mom nurtures and supports her children and helps them grow into their life purposes. You can remember your mom with a quote that shows how she influenced your life.

  1. A mom is her children's touchstone in life.
  2. Mom advised if you choose the road less traveled, you could have car trouble, no cell phone signal, and no one around to help you, so be prepared and learn to fend for yourself.
  3. A mother's love isn't confined to being maternal; it's also universal.
  4. Mom loved flowers and taught me how to touch flowers to feel their uniqueness without harming them. This is how she moved through life, touching the hearts of everyone, and never doing any harm to anyone.
  5. My mom taught me many things over the course of my life, but the main lesson she taught me was to fight for the things I believe in.
  6. Mom's philosophy on life was be patient, support those you love and celebrate all of their successes.
  7. Mom lived a life of love. She was generous with her time and knowledge.
  8. My mom called us her little explorers and sent us out into the world to discover it for ourselves.
  9. Mom raised us to be independent but dependent on family when we needed backup.
  10. Mom taught me unconditional love.
  11. For mom, it wasn't what I scored on a test, but what I learned through the process of studying and taking the test.
  12. Mom's philosophy was to live life as you see fit but make sure you don't hurt anyone or rob anyone of their rights in the process.
  13. My mom taught me right from wrong, and she expected me to use what she taught me in making all life decisions.
Celebration of life quote for a Mom

Funny Celebration of Life Quotes for Humorous Life Tributes

If the person whose life you're celebrating had a good sense of humor, you can interject a few funny barbs during your celebration of life ceremony. Choose one or two that best exemplifies your loved one.

  1. He always thought of those coming behind him and never left the toilet seat up.
  2. She was all for equal opportunity and never turned down the opportunity to go shopping.
  3. She believed in always being prepared, so she carried a corkscrew opener in her purse.
  4. I've always followed his golden mantra of Don't be like a tree and store everything in your trunk.
  5. While he strongly believed in never leaving things undone, I was perplexed why his shoes were always untied.
  6. She loved gardening and one time I asked her why. She said it was because the flowers were all her little buds.
  7. He was such a nature lover and often would wander out the backyard to just sit in the forest. I once asked him why, and he said he would do it whenever he was feeling green.
  8. He once explained that life without love is like a broken pencil- pointless.
  9. Mom always said I should stand up for myself. The first time I did, I got into a fist fight. Her response when she found out was, you can stand up for yourself without it draining all the blood from your brain.
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Life Is Good Quotes of Celebration of Life

During a celebration of life event, you may find the need for a general quote or saying that embodies the idea that life is good. These can be short and sweet, or they can be complex in their meanings.

  1. Embrace the excitement life has to offer.
  2. Explore all of life's options and never leave a stone unturned.
  3. Love is the most important life lesson you can learn.
  4. Retrospection is what creates fond memories.
  5. Life is meant to be lived, so get out and live it.
  6. Sunshine isn't just a natural disinfectant; it can revive a sagging spirit.
  7. Your faith is not for God's benefit, but for your own.
  8. Be curious about life and explore it every opportunity you get.
  9. Be brave and venture into arenas that are new so you can grow.
  10. Never lose sight of the prize - self-knowledge.
  11. Take time to smell the roses and then make a beautiful bouquet.
  12. Don't sit on the sidelines, get in the game of life.
  13. All you have to do is look around you to find beauty in life.
Life Is Good Quotes of Celebration of Life

60 Creative Quotes and Saying for a Celebration of Life Ceremony

You can find creative quotes and meaningful sayings as well as funny ones to express the celebration of a loved one. Choose the appropriate saying(s) to show your appreciation for the one who has passed.

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60+ Creative Celebration of Life Quotes and Sayings