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30 Memorial Day Quotes to Pay Respect to America's Soldiers

30 Memorial Day Quotes to Pay Respect to America's Soldiers

Before you hop into your Memorial Day celebrations, it's important to remember the reason Americans commemorate this occasion. Take a moment to show your respect and gratitude for the soldiers who sacrificed… Keep reading »

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loss over death of loved one

Quotes about the loss of a loved one can help you cope with grief. Some quotes trigger memories of happy times, evoke a feeling of nostalgia, or assuage feelings of sadness.

Examples of Quotes About Loss That Comfort

You might find more than one quote that expresses how you're feeling. Some quotes can help you understand the emotional stages of grief you are experiencing. Other quotes may inspire you and guide you into a healing frame of mind.

Quotes About Loss for Inspiration and Healing

You can find many quotes to give you comfort during your time of loss. If you're feeling depressed and overwhelmed with heartache, take a few minutes to read uplifting quotes about healing. Some quotes are ideal as a way to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one.

Religious Quotes About Loss

Certainly, many people find great comfort in quotes from religious texts. Quotes from Bible verses, Buddhist writings, and other religious texts about death can deliver hope and renewed faith during a time of grief. It doesn't matter if your faith is strong or not, the quoted texts hold the ancient energies of hope and reassurance for those grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Quotes About Loss for Funeral and Memorial Services

You could find yourself in the position of giving a eulogy at a funeral service, such as one for a sister, or you might be asked to participate in a memorial service. You may find the words don't come easily. In such instances, an appropriate bereavement quote can smooth the way for you to express your heartfelt sentiments.

Loss Quotes for Specific Relationships

You may discover that quotes about your specific relationship to the deceased are consoling. Heartfelt quotes about the loss of a child can ease some of your pain. If you've lost a friend, a few inspirational quotes can help you to heal. If you wish to offer condolences to a parent grieving over the loss of a grown son, quotes of sympathy can help you find the right words to say.

Quotes for Anniversary of a Death

The pain that a death anniversary can bring is often difficult. Feelings of sadness and grief can resurface. The memory of the funeral and other details of your loved one's death can reopen wounds you thought had healed. It's important to fill your mind with thoughts of inspiration, love and faith. A few quotes can help you keep on the healing path. For example, the anguish of the death anniversary of your mother might be eased by the right quotes. If you're having a remembrance ceremony or anniversary memorial, then you might find remembrance quotes or loving memory quotes express your feelings more fully than a simple "rest in peace."

Quotes for Headstones and Memorial Markers

Headstones are the final way a person is memorialized. Coming up with a good quote that accurately sums up the deceased's ideology or philosophy isn't always easy. You might find that a few quotes that are ideal for a headstone make this task much easier.

How to Use Quotes About Loss

There are many additional ways that quotes about loss can be used. You may choose to include a loss quote in thank-you notes to people who brought food, made donations to charities, or sent sympathy flowers.

Quotes About Loss