Comforting Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner

Dog taking a walk

When a pet dies, poems for a grieving pet owner can help ease the pain. If your pet has recently passed away, this article will help you find or write the perfect poem in remembrance of your pet.

Special Pets

Many people consider their pet as a member of the family. Horses, dogs, and cats are most often the type of pet that owners identify as part of the family, but other pets can be dear to the heart as well. Dealing with the death of any beloved pet can cause a great deal of emotional pain for everyone in the family. Children in the family, especially, may need an outlet or a way to come to terms with the death of their pet. Finding a way to express the grief such as a small backyard funeral service may help in the grieving process.

Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner

Poems for a grieving pet owner can be a comfort during the funeral service. There are many special poems that are meant to uplift and console pet owners. The internet abounds in poetry written by people who have lost their pets. Following are a few excerpts of poems for a grieving pet owner.

Excerpt from a Special Place by Jan Cooper

You have a special place Dear Lord

that I know you'll always keep

A special place reserved for dogs

when they quietly fall asleep

With large and airy kennels

and a yard for hiding bones

Poem For Cats by an Unknown Author

And God asked the feline spirit

Are you ready to come home?

Oh, yes, quite so,

replied the precious soul

Tribute to A Best Friend by an Unknown Author

Sunlight streams through window pane

unto a spot on the floor...

then I remember,it's where you used to lie,

but now you are no more.

No More Tears by John Quealy

The time has come for the tears to end

for you to be happy and cheerful again.

I am safe in God's home above
cradled in His arms;

covered with His love.

Writing Poetry

Since you knew your pet the best, consider writing your own poem about him. Writing poetry is a great catharsis or method of bringing feelings to the surface instead of burying them. Writing your own poem about your pet can also be a way of honoring their memory. Poems can be free verse or rhyming. The best way to start a poem is to write several sentences about your feelings or about your pets' personality. Write down the reasons you were thankful to have the pet in your life all those years. Write down funny and quirky memories you have of your pet. After you have written these thoughts and memories about your pet, read them over several times and see if they can be put into a poem.

The Gift of Poetry

If you know someone whose pet is sick or has died, you can prepare a booklet with poems of comfort. Either write your own personalized poems or find them on the Internet. Use your computer to assemble a small poetry book in remembrance of the pet. Include the book in a small gift basket with photos of the pet and something personal to cheer her up. The following websites have great poetry for pet owners.

Comforting Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner