Comforting Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner

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When a pet dies, poems for a grieving pet owner can help ease the pain. If your pet has recently passed away, this article will help you find or write the perfect poem in remembrance of your pet. All poems in this article are original and written by Tamsen Butler.

Special Pets

Many people consider their pet as a member of the family. Horses, dogs, and cats are most often the type of pet that owners identify as part of the family, but other pets can be dear to the heart as well. Dealing with the death of any beloved pet can cause a great deal of emotional pain for everyone in the family. Children in the family, especially, may need an outlet or a way to come to terms with the death of their pet. Finding a way to express the grief such as a small backyard funeral service may help in the grieving process.

Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner

Poems for a grieving pet owner can be a comfort during the funeral service. There are many special poems that are meant to uplift and console pet owners. Following are a few poems for a grieving pet owner by LoveToKnow author Tamsen Butler.

Poems for the Loss of a Cat

Cats are an intriguing mix of independent and loving and losing a cat can have a huge impact. The poems below may help you cope with this loss.

Woman kissing grey and white cat

My Cat in Heaven

She'll feel no pain
And encounter no rain
It'll be cozy and warm
She'll be able to transform.
A strong and healthy cat,
Leaping into catnip combat
She'll paw and stretch
And maybe even fetch
Every treat she could want
And drink milk from a fount
Her pain is done
And Heaven's begun.

A Haiku About Letting Go

Saying goodbye is so hard
We were a good team and family
Thank you for our time.

A Feline Farewell

I bid farewell to my soft, patient companion.
I wish him a soft, patient journey.
I'll miss his softness
I'll miss his patience
I bid farewell to my soft, patient companion.

Poem for the Loss of a Dog

Poems about the death of a dog can help with the grieving process and put into words the profound feelings of loss that can accompany the death.

Happy Bernese Mountain dog with owner

That Wagging Tail

You wagged that tail
And loved without fail
Your tail said, "Joy!"
Your tail said, "Oh, boy!"
No matter my mood
Or if I snuck you my food
Your tail wagged away
And let me know it was all OK.
I'll miss that wag
And I don't mean to brag
But that tail belonged to the best dog around.

Short Poems for Sympathy Cards

If you are at a loss for words when sending notes of sympathy to a loved one who is grieving the loss of a pet, consider a short poem or couple lines of prose.

When the Pet Was Put Down

You relieved him of his pain
You helped him move on
Your love for each other won't wain
Even though he's now gone.

After a Long Illness

She didn't understand her pain
But now she's free from it all
She's in a better place
And will understand your love for her

After a Sudden Death

He was taken too soon
But try to let him go
As sure as the light of the moon,
He'll always love you so.

Comfort in Mourning

Whether the death of a pet was expected or happened suddenly and without warning, loving pet owners find themselves going through the stages of mourning just as they would with the loss of any other loved one. Accept the need to mourn and process your feelings; losing a beloved pet is difficult and full of emotion. Use poetry to help you acknowledge your grief and move forward without your furry companion.

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Comforting Poems for a Grieving Pet Owner