4 Places to Buy Truly Eco-Friendly Caskets

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Eco caskets are the earth friendly, natural way to contribute to the cycle of life. Made of a variety of materials, eco caskets will decompose fully and quickly in the final ultimate recycling venture.

Do Laws Govern the Material Used for Caskets?

There are no laws regulating caskets. As a matter of fact, caskets are not even required by law. Caskets were traditionally used to make transporting and moving the body easier. Caskets can be made of wood, cardboard, plastic, metal, a blanket, or just about anything. Most people opt for an expensive casket made of chemically treated solid wood that is varnished to a high sheen.

How Are Bodies Preserved?

Ancient cultures such as Egypt and China are better at preserving bodies than modern day burial practices. Today, we use a process of embalming the body to start the preservation process. During embalming, chemicals are used internally and externally to disinfect and preserve the body. Embalming temporarily preserves the body of the deceased so that it will be presentable for the funeral, especially if there is a viewing with an open casket. The law only requires embalming of the body if it can't be buried or put in a refrigerated facility within 24 hours. Many people who are interested in eco caskets are also concerned with putting chemicals into the earth via the deceased's' body.

Earth Friendly Burials

Eco caskets are an important part of earth-friendly burials. An eco casket is any type of casket that will break down easily and quickly in the environment. All materials used in an eco casket are 100 percent biodegradable, including the interior materials and the fasteners that hold the casket together. The wood will contain no chemicals, stains, preservatives, or toxins. The fasteners will not be made of metal, but will most likely be wood pegs or wooden nails.

Reasons to Choose an Eco Casket

Traditional caskets are expensive and, many people would argue, a waste of money. After the casket is buried in the earth, no one ever sees it again. Many people believe that spending a lot of money on our loved ones final resting place will help them be preserved better in a safe and secure casket. In fact, spending money on an expensive casket does not ensure the casket will stay intact once it is in the earth since all caskets biodegrade in time, albeit at differing rates. The degradation will be slower with some caskets, such as those made from solid metal. The more airtight and watertight a casket is, the slower the body will degrade. Wood caskets are not as effective at preserving the body as metal because wood is susceptible to moisture and insects. Caskets made of wood may biodegrade, but if the wood is highly treated with chemicals, these chemicals will be leached into the earth.

Where to Buy an Earth Friendly Casket

If you decide you want to be buried in an eco casket, let your family know and write it in your last will and testament. If you are planning a deceased's funeral, make sure everyone is in agreement as to the type of casket you will be using. The following are some manufacturers of various eco caskets:

  • The Natural Choice: Makes willow, seagrass, bamboo, and paper caskets. Interiors are all natural 100 percent cotton.
  • Green Staircase to Heaven: Recycled pulp caskets.
  • Final Footprint: Caskets made from basket, willow, pine, cardboard, and bamboo.
  • Caskets By Design: Made with soft, non-treated pine and cedar with all wood fasteners and joints. Interiors are 100 percent cotton.
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4 Places to Buy Truly Eco-Friendly Caskets