Funeral Planning Checklist

Michele Meleen
woman writing on clipboard

Organizing and orchestrating a funeral requires a variety of time-sensitive tasks and extensive knowledge of the deceased. If you're in charge of planning a funeral by yourself or with a small group of people, a checklist of duties helps keep matters in order and on track.

Organizational Checklist

Funeral plans include everything from burial permits to what the departed wears. Keep all the important information in one place with this funeral planning checklist. Click on the image, then download and print a copy for personal use. If you encounter any problems, this guide has helpful tips and tricks.

Using the Planning Checklist

When you plan a funeral, you have a lot of information to remember and share with friends and family. Keep all this information in one place to make sure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. The funeral planning checklist has several key features to help you stay organized:

  • Three sections which group duties into each aspect of the funeral.
  • There's an open box next to every task so you can check items off when complete.
  • Use the blank space on every line to write the completion date and initials of the person who completed the task.
  • Write names, addresses and contact information of important people in the additional blank lines.
  • Keep the checklist in a folder where you can store all important documents and copies. If you are planning with a group of people, keep one folder in a common area and have individuals initial next to tasks they complete. If you run into any trouble or questions, you will know which person is most likely to have the information you need.

Even if you hire a professional planner or use services provided by a funeral director, the checklist serves as your guide to which question you need to ask during consultations.

A Focused Effort

After the death of a loved one or close friend, you will experience a range of emotions which can inhibit rational or linear thinking. Take care of your feelings and stay organized when you use funeral planning tools like a task checklist.

Funeral Planning Checklist