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Thoughtful Funeral Food to Take to a Grieving Family

Gabrielle Applebury
woman receiving food for funeral

Offering meals to loved ones who have just lost someone is a thoughtful gesture. There are plenty of options when it comes to funeral food to take to a grieving family.

Funeral Food to Take to a Grieving Family

When bringing over food or snacks to a grieving family, be sure to check in regarding any food allergies, restrictions, or preferences if you aren't sure. If you bake or cook something yourself, offer it in a dish or platter that you are comfortable not getting back.

Comforting Meals

Comforting meals are often warm, hearty, and can be tied to nostalgic memories. Some meal options include:

  • Mac and cheese: It's easy to order or make yourself, plus it can be frozen and reheated in the oven.
  • Meatloaf: This can be kept in the fridge for two days or frozen.
  • Mashed potatoes: Mashed potatoes are a hearty side dish, and you can make them vegan if needed.
  • Chicken noodle soup: Soup is easy to freeze and reheat, and there are great gluten-free options if someone is sensitive to gluten or has celiac disease.
  • Enchiladas: You can keep enchiladas in the fridge for two days or freeze them for up to three months.

Meals You Can Make at Home

If you want to make something at home, you can consider:

  • Pasta bake: It's easy to make in large batches to freeze and reheat.
  • Lasagna: You can make this classic pasta bake vegan or with meat, and it's easy to freeze.
  • Rice and veggie bowls: They're easy to make with ingredients that may already be in your home.
  • Brownies: A delicious home-made treat, you can also make box brownies and add a few dashes of cinnamon for a home-made taste.

Easy-to-Freeze Options

Post funeral, some families may receive a large amount of food. It can be helpful to offer some freezable options that they can pull out at a later time. Some easy-to-freeze options include:

Baked vegetables with feta cheese

Ideas for Meals You Can Order

The week after the funeral, those in the process of mourning may be overloaded with food that loved ones provide. However, after a week has gone by, many people stop bringing meals. It's a thoughtful idea to check in with the family to see if you can order them a meal a week or so after the funeral. Some good options include:

  • Italian food: Order a few pizzas and a big salad to send over.
  • Chinese food: It's super easy to share a few large entrees and several sides.
  • Thai food: This tends to be a lighter option with plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices.
  • Mexican food: It's comforting and a great choice for vegetarians as well.

Easy Funeral Food

If you're not into cooking or baking, or are short for time, there are plenty of thoughtful food choices to bring over to your friends or family members who are mourning their loss. Some choices include:

  • Fruit salad: Make your own or pick one up at the grocery store.
  • Bagels and cream cheese: They're usually inexpensive and make a nice breakfast or snack.
  • Assorted cookies and tea: You can find these at a local grocery store or bakery.
  • Sandwich platter: Order fixings for multiple sandwiches. You can purchase them at a deli or grocery store.

Why Should I Send Sympathy Food?

Bringing food to those in the midst of grieving takes one more thing off of their to-do list. Loved ones in the process of mourning may not have the energy to cook for themselves and offering them easy to prep and store food options can be helpful during a difficult time.

Sympathy Food

If you are wondering what food to bring when someone dies, consider the recipients' dietary restrictions, favorite meals, and easy-to-store options. Whatever sympathy meal or treat you opt to bring to your friend or family members, it's a loving and thoughtful gesture.

Thoughtful Funeral Food to Take to a Grieving Family