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Free Funeral Templates and Printables

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Free funeral templates and printables make planning the funeral of a family member or a friend more manageable. From funeral announcements to funeral programs, these documents are ready to print once you add your personal information. Click on the image of each document to open, customize, and print using the Adobe guide for troubleshooting.

Printable Death and Funeral Announcement Templates

Before you start planning a funeral, it is customary that you announce the death of your friend or family members as soon after the death as possible. You'll want to start with private notifications then work on public announcements after close friends and family members have been informed.

Printable Death Notification Call List

Creating a list of names and phone numbers for all the people you want to notify after a death helps ensure everyone receives the news in a kind and timely manner. This editable document features 41 lines for people to notify and a checkbox for when they have been called. You can copy and paste numbers from your contacts list and print multiple pages if needed.

Printable Funeral Announcement Template

An editable, printable funeral announcement sample can be used as a family keepsake or in place of a lengthy obituary in the newspaper. Simply add a photo of your loved one and some brief personal information then you're ready to print this simple funeral announcement.

Printable Celebration of Life Invitation Template

If the deceased has requested a celebration of life in lieu of a funeral, use a celebration of life invitation template to inform guests. This type of party usually takes place at someone's home or a restaurant, so an invitation is appropriate.

Printable Basic Obituary Template

A basic obituary includes limited information about the decease. Simply insert a few details and you've got an obituary ready for sharing.

Printable Obituary Template That Includes Family

An obituary should reflect the life and personality of the deceased. Choose an obituary template that best matches the lifestyle of your lost loved one. This obituary template features room to include the names and roles of family members both dead and alive.

Printable Obituary Template for Married Person

If the deceased was married and had children, a biography-style obituary that includes these important family members is appropriate.

Printable Biography Style Obituary Template

When you wish to honor the deceased with a lengthy and memorable obituary, a biography style format allows you to include lots of information.

Free Funeral Planning Printables

There are a lot of details that go into planning a funeral and printable funeral planning lists can help keep them all organized. Whether you're planning the funeral on your own or have a group of family members working together, these documents can help you keep track of each important element. Print them all and secure them in a binder or folder to keep everything in one place.

Printable Funeral Planning Checklist

This two-page funeral planning checklist helps you track everything from notifications to the after funeral gathering and is made for use by a group. Simply date and initial each task you've worked on to see what still needs to get done.

Printable Funeral Home and Burial Preferences List

Before you die, it can be helpful to fill out a funeral home and burial preferences list that indicates how and where you'd like to be buried. Close family members can also fill out this document after a death as a way to express their wishes to the funeral home director. You can note all preferences from what the deceased will wear to where their ashes should be scared in the case of cremation.

Printable Death Certificate and Obituary Information Sheet

You'll need to keep track of your loved one's personal information for their death certificate and obituary. This worksheet provides prompts for all the important information typically included on these final documents. As you write their obituary, you can try to include all of this pertinent information.

Printable Funeral Service Templates

When you are ready to begin planning the actual events and order of the funeral service, planning templates can help keep the details organized.

Printable Funeral Service Plan Template

Funeral planning printables such as a funeral service plan template help you keep track of each element of the actual funeral service. You can use this information in the funeral program and as a way to keep close family members informed of what the funeral will look like.

Printable One-Page Funeral Program Template

Funeral programs give guests an idea of what to expect during the funeral and serve as a keepsake afterward. This one-page funeral program template features a dove motif and room for all the important information about the funeral service.

Printable Folded Funeral Program Template

A folded printable funeral program template is what you typically see at funerals as it looks professional and important. The cross theme on this religious funeral program template is great for those who were strong in their faith.

Printable Informal Funeral Resolution Template

A close family member or friend typically reads an informal funeral resolution in place of an eulogy at the funeral. Printable funeral resolution templates make it easy for anyone to give this informal speech by simply adding in important names and dates.

Printable Pastoral Funeral Resolution Template

A pastoral funeral resolution is read by a member of the clergy and includes specific passages from the bible. You can insert the appropriate personal information and use the speech as is or customize it by changing out some of the Bible passages.

Funeral Planning Made Easier

Planning a funeral is never easy, even with the help of templates and printables. Give yourself more time to grieve and focus on your loved ones when you use funeral templates that save you time in the planning process.

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Free Funeral Templates and Printables