Angel Grave Monuments to Honor the Deceased

About Angel Headstone Monuments

An angel headstone monument is a wonderful way to honor a loved one who has died. Typically a separate statue, it sits on top of a headstone, but oftentimes can be found as part of it as well. Angels symbolize spirituality and are commonly found in a variety of poses, each having a different meaning.

Praying Cherub

This cherub is praying for the person who died. Any angel headstone monument in this type of a pose represents the deceased person's soul on its way to heaven.

Weeping Angel

A headstone monument or statue of a weeping angel symbolizes deep grief over an untimely death. If the angel is leaned over or onto the headstone itself, that is a representation of an angel guarding the grave.

Two Angels

The two angels on a headstone monument typically represent two of God's messengers: Michael and Gabriel.

Judgment Day

An angel sounding a trumpet symbolizes the day of judgment or the call to resurrection.

In Flight

An angel statue in flight or posed as if it was flying represents a rebirth of the deceased person's soul.

Loss of a Child

A statue of a child -- in this case a little girl -- represents the young one who died too soon.

At Peace

While the varying angel poses have different symbolic meanings, all of the angel headstone monuments are peaceful and serene.

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Angel Grave Monuments to Honor the Deceased