5 Places to Find Wonderfully Unique Pet Urns

Alice Wisler
There are a variety of pet urns.

When beloved pets die, many want to purchase unique pet urns to store the cremated remains. A pet that was loved and cherish deserves a special resting place.

What Is a Pet Urn?

Pet urns, like urns for humans, are containers to place the cremated remains or ashes, of a pet. Pets are part of the family and when they die, everyone mourns the absence of the faithful companion.

Purchasing Unique Pet Urns

Going to the following stores online will give you a good feel for what is available in unique pet urns:

  • Carol Miller Designs are made from maple or cherry, using the shaker specifications which date back to the 1700s. One of their selections is called Cherry Rope Twist Cremation Urn and another is their Birdseye Maple Rope Twist Cremation Urn. Both have two sizes. The medium measures 250 cubic inches and is 11.25 inches tall and six and one-third inches wide. It sells for $425. The large urn is $525 and is 325 cubic inches at 12 3/4 inches tall and seven inches wide.
  • Ageless Memorial Urns has a large selection of handcrafted wooden unique pet urns. Their picture frames located at the top of the urns are perfect for a placing a favorite photo of your pet.
  • Nine Rainbow Urns have ceramic urns for pets with floral and nature designs.
  • Rays of Joy designs stained glass square containers. Their Companion Oil Candle Urn has two oil candles and underneath them, room for the ashes of two pets. Each urn is handcrafted according to your wishes.
  • Angel Ashes offers beautifully crafted urns made of wood. You can choose a crafted cat, rabbit, ferret, parrot, dog or horse figurine for the top of the urn, depending on which pet you lost to death. Some of these containers have an acrylic photo frame attached and the option to engrave your pet's name below the picture. Angel Ashes also has a rosewood veneer memory box you can order where your pet's mementos can be stored. This is an ideal place to keep your pet's leashes, collar or other tangibles from your companion's life.

Displaying Unique Pet Urns

An urn that holds your pet's cremated remains can be stored anywhere you choose in your home. Some like to keep the container in a spot that is visible by all, perhaps the mantel over the fireplace or on a bookshelf in the living room. Others may place the urn in a location that is more discrete such as a room that is not visited as often. The choice is up to you. As far as guidelines for grief go, do that which makes you feel the most comfortable.

Burying the Urn

Some may wish to bury the remains in the ground and place a tombstone at the location, just as one would bury a pet casket. Check with the company you purchased the urn from so that you will select one that can handle being buried in the dirt and one that will be sturdy enough to be buried underground.

Saying Good-Bye

When a beloved family companion dies, everyone feels sad. There may be feelings of remorse, anger or guilt. Children will need time to process the death and talking to them about the loss will be something they can benefit from. Don't neglect to share your own sorrow so they will know that it is natural to miss and long for their pet. You may want to let them help choose the urn for the pet. Getting them involved with any memorial service, burial or other events surrounding the death will help them better deal with their own feelings. If you are keeping a decorative urn in the house, make sure that your children understand what it is and be ready for any questions they might have.

5 Places to Find Wonderfully Unique Pet Urns