5 Examples of Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers need a short thank-you.

Funerals can be emotionally exhausting, and many people feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to write individual thank you notes to everyone who sent flowers. A little practical advice can help you write heartfelt words to express your gratitude.

Examples of Notes

Your relationship with the giver(s) of the flowers will determine the overall tone of your message. Regardless of whom you're thanking, try to make the note personal to them so they know you truly noticed their thoughtfulness.

Sample One

You can be much more personal when you're thanking family members for their flowers.

Dear Aunt Eileen,

I'm so glad you could make it to Vern's funeral, and your flowers were
one of my favorite arrangements of all. It meant the world to me to
have you there, and I know Vern would have felt the same way.



Sample Two

The following note is suitable for a close friend.

Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for coming to Bill's funeral.
The flowers you sent were beautiful and meant a lot
to me. I have them on my mantle, and I think of our friendship
whenever I look at them.

I miss Bill immensely, and I'm glad I can count on you to help
me through this difficult time. Thanks for being such a good friend.

With appreciation,


Sample Three

Thanking your neighbors is similar to thanking a friend.

Dear Tom and Jeanne,

Bailey would have loved the sunflowers you sent to the funeral.
After all these years of being neighbors, I know must have known
they were her favorites since she filled the yard with them year
after year. Thank you so much for being such wonderful neighbors,
and I'm so glad to have your support.



Sample Four

For a more formal relationship, the following note will be acceptable.

Funeral floral arrangement

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson,

Thank you for your kindness in sending flowers
to the funeral home for my mother's funeral.
The arrangement was beautiful and held so
many of the flowers mother enjoyed.



Sample Five

The following style note would work well when thanking the deceased's coworkers for an arrangement.

Dear Tom, Jake and Julie,

Thank you so much for the lovely arrangement you sent to Mark's
funeral. He always talked about how much he enjoyed working with
the three of you, and I know he would have been very touched
by your thoughtfulness.



Addressing the Note

Once you have written the thank you note, you are ready to send it. Place the card in a matching envelope. If the card was from a family, address it accordingly.

For an example, if Mr. and Mrs. Smith signed the flower card and included the names of their three children, be sure to address all names that were listed on the card. For a family, you can write Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family on the envelope. If five people's names are on the card that came with the flowers, thank each of them, mentioning them by name. These might be colleagues who have joined together to purchase an arrangement of flowers. Make sure you include all of their names on both the inside of the card and when addressing the envelope.

Take Care of Yourself

Don't try to write all of your thank you notes at once. If you have a number of cards to write, just plan to send two or three a day. You have just lost a special person in your life, and no doubt, your emotions will be raw. Surround yourself with friends and family who will support you as you take care of the many tasks in front of you.

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5 Examples of Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers