Tabletop Urn Fountains

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Tabletop urn fountains can be used in a variety of settings to remember a loved one. They can be used outdoors or indoors, depending upon your preferences. Whether you want an ornate tabletop urn fountain or a simple one that matches your décor, it is possible to find one to fit any budget and taste.

Outdoor Urns

One beautiful way to remember someone is to create a garden on your property. A mini memorial garden can be created to flow with your existing garden area, or it can be made separate from other areas in your yard. Creating a permanent memorial is one way to remember a special person or pet with a place you can visit anytime.

Choosing an Outdoor Urn

An outdoor tabletop urn fountain should be in scale with the surroundings. Large tables can support a large urn whereas a small table should feature a smaller urn. Stability should also be a consideration, depending upon the climate that you live in. If you live in an area with high winds, consider using a sturdy table and an urn that cannot easily be blown over.

Urns can also be chosen to match an existing garden, such as Italianate or Mediterranean. Since urns come in a variety of colors and can be made from many different materials, finding the perfect urn for the chosen surroundings should be a breeze.

Indoor Urns

An indoor tabletop urn fountain is also a nice way to remember the important people in your life that have passed away. Creating a small memorial in your home is easy to do and there are many suppliers of fountains to help you achieve the perfect look that works with your home.

Choosing Indoor Urns

There are many design considerations if you are adding an urn fountain to the indoor area of a home. The primary consideration is finding an area that can support a fountain that contains water, and will be relatively unaffected by water, should it splash outside of the container. Areas with rugs are usually a poor place to put a fountain, but it isn't impossible if the proper precautions are taken. The fountain, since it will be powered by electricity, should also be close to an electrical outlet, preferably an outlet that is higher than the fountain. An outlet above the fountain is a safety precaution; water doesn't flow up, so it can't run along a wire into an outlet that is placed higher than the fountain.

An indoor tabletop urn can also be placed against a wall or in a corner, so there are more styles and designs to choose from. Waterfall type designs are popular, as are smaller fountain urns that can be placed directly in the middle of a table. Indoor urns also have more lighting options; lights of various colors can light an urn from within or on the outside, depending upon your preferences.

The styles and types of materials used for indoor tabletop urns vary greatly, primarily because they are not exposed to the elements. Finding the perfect urn that works with your current design can be easy if you know the right places to shop.

Where to Find Tabletop Urn Fountains

Whether you like to shop for landscape and design items in retail stores or online, there are plenty of places that sell urn fountains. Popular places to shop online include:

If you prefer to shop locally, check out local gardening and landscape centers, large retail stores such as WalMart and Target or check with local funeral directors.

Design Tips

The following points may help you find the right urn for your surroundings:

  • Buy an urn that you will enjoy looking at for a long period of time, nothing too trendy or too large, especially if it will be indoors.
  • Choose a design that you really like and will remind you of a loved one.
  • The design should mesh well with the surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Keep safety in mind when deciding where to place a fountain that operates with electricity.

Your urn should last for years if cared for and placed in an area that works with your current design, whether indoors or outdoors. Careful planning will give you a beautiful place to remember a friend for a long time to come.

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Tabletop Urn Fountains