Different Kinds of Satin to Use as Coffin Lining

Satin in coffins is regal.

When choosing a lining for the inside of a casket, many opt for satin in a coffin. Perhaps your loved one has relayed to you that she would like to be buried in a coffin with a satin interior. If so, you will want to follow his or her desires.

Types of Caskets

There are a number of types of caskets on the market today including:

The interiors of these are usually lined with some type of material such as cotton, silk, velvet, crepe or satin.

About Satin

Satin is a popular fabric sewn to the inside of the coffin. This material is often preferred because of its regal quality. The inside of the lid to the casket can also be padded with satin.

The characteristics of satin include:

  • Glossy
  • Made from silk
  • Has a shiny side and a smooth side

Types of Satin

Some of the more common types of satin include:

  • Duchess satin is stiff satin with heavy weight and due to its gloss, often used in dress fabrics, making it popular in wedding dresses.
  • Satin faconne or satin jacquard has patterns woven throughout it. The designs are paisley or stripes. Satin jacquard comes in a variety of weights and yet it is more flexible than duchess satin.
  • Slipper satin is often used for prom or bridesmaids' shoes. As its name states, it is often a choice for slippers. Ballet dancers wear toe shoes covered in slipper satin.
  • Delustered satin is sometimes referred to as peau de soie which means skin of silk. This satin has a dull texture to it, is finished on both sides and consists of many fine threads woven together.
  • Sateen is a type of satin that is made from a shiny cloth made from rayon or cotton.
  • Satinet is a very thin satin often made from just the threads of silk.

There are many variations created from the basic satin weave. The two most popular are:

  • Granite
  • Check

Choosing the Satin in a Coffin

Manufacturers of coffins, use white or ivory satin to sew along the interior suites of the caskets. We have probably all seen pictures of funeral homes with elaborate caskets made of hardwood. Beneath the lid of the casket, you have seen the ruffles of white satin. You may not opt for such a costly coffin. However, even if the casket is not expensive, satin can still be used to line the inside compartment. To view satin in a coffin so that you can have an idea of what is available, visit the following websites:

  • Hillier Funeral Service has a number of satin-lined coffins in their brochure such as the Windemere, the Trowbridge and the Richmond. Some of the linings are also available in select colors.
  • A Better Casket allows you to select from many types of interior cloths including satin. The casket's design and fabric you select will determine the final price. Any casket can be upgraded according to your wishes. If you do not want to spend money for the entire interior suite to be in satin, you can opt for a partial satin lining and request that the rest of the bed be covered in a delicate white muslin fabric.

Pet Caskets With Satin

Should you want to have satin in the country maple or Pennsylvania cherry hardwood coffin of your pet, many companies have satin-lined compartments for dogs and cats. At Pets We Loved you may choose between blue, pink, white or ivory satin for the lining. You can even add a dainty pillow in blue, white, pink or ivory satin to bury with your pet's body. Satin coverlets are also available.

Customizing a Coffin

You might have the skill and tools to build a casket and if so, you can purchase satin for the interior set. A seamstress will be able to sew the fine fabric along the wood so that you will have a coffin crafted with love and beauty for your loved one.

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