24 Soulful Poems Related to Grief

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Coping with loss can be very difficult, but it's important not to bottle up your feelings. Reading a thoughtful poem about losing a sibling, losing a parent, losing another loved one, or perhaps even writing one of your own, can help you express your grief and begin working through it.

Poems About Grieving

The following are examples of touching and poignant poems that may help you cope when dealing with your grief:

My Constant Companion

Grief is my companion,
It takes me by the hand,
And walks along beside me
in a dark and barren land.

How long will this lonesome journey last,
How much more can my weary heart bear?
Since your death, I've been lost in the fog,
Too burdened with sorrow and care.

People tell me my sadness will fade,
And my tears will reach their end.
Grief and I must complete our journey,
And then maybe I'll find happiness again.

Grief Haiku

woman grieving

Grief pours like water
Draining my heart and my soul
Leaving me empty...

I Miss My Furry Friend

Your footprints used to muddy my floor,
Now that you're gone, I'll see them no more.
They trail up the stairs to Heaven's gate,
Leaving me behind and filled with heartache.

You were more than a pet, my dear old friend,
Yet I knew that your life would eventually end.
The day that I've dreaded has come and gone,
I feel so alone, and the days seem so long.

Sometimes I think I can feel you near,
And if I listen closely, just maybe I'll hear
The sound of you barking, play growling and such.
The truth is I just miss you so very much.

How long will it take for my broken heart to mend?
When will I be ready for a new furry friend?
The answers to these questions I truly don't know,
I just know I'm not ready yet to let you go.

Grief-Related Poems for Specific Kinds of Loss

You may be struggling with the loss of a close family member, friend or beloved pet. The following poems may bring you some comfort and peace:

Poems for Losing a Parent

For the most part, everyone will experience the loss of a parent at some time in his or her life. The death may be sudden, or the parent may pass away after a long illness. Either way, poems can help ease the pain, even if only for a short time. Some very nice examples include:

  • Sleep Mommy by Kimberli A. Hardiman reflects on a heartbroken daughter's love and appreciation of her mother.
  • If There Are Any Heavens by E. E. Cummings depicts the loss of his extraordinary mother and her touching reunion with his father in heaven.
  • Dad by Judy Burnette is a moving, emotional poem about the loss of her father and the memories of the past and her feelings in the present.

Poem for Losing a Sibling Poems

Losing a brother or sister to death is unsettling for the entire family. Not only does a child (or adult) lose a sibling, a parent loses a child as well. Some touching poems for sibling loss include:

  • Little Sister by Michael D. is a tragic poem about a little sister's strength, humor, and love during her battle with a terminal illness.
  • To a Stillborn Sister by Andrea Gabrielli is a moving poem about the heartbreak of the loss of a sister she never met but still holds a deep love for.
  • Brother by Hannah Jane Spittle is an emotional poem that expresses her disbelief and understandable anger in the loss of her brother.
  • Gone by Christina A. Covarrubia is about the difficulty dealing with the loss of an older brother and her fear and uncertainty of living life without him.

Poems for the Loss of a Grandparent

While it is sad to lose grandparents, you should take great pride in knowing they probably led a full and wonderful life. Some memorable poems include:

Loss of a Child Poems

It has been said there is no greater pain than the loss of a child. It doesn't matter if that child was still in the womb or 50 years old; the loss and pain will always stay with that parent. Some poignant poems about losing a child include:

  • Death of a Child by Sandy Eakle is an incredibly touching poem written as if the child who passed is speaking to their parents to give them comfort and peace.
  • Walk to Remember by Kathie Rataj Mayo is a moving poem about the tragic loss of a baby and the hope of what was supposed to be.
  • When God Calls by Cindy O'Connor is a poem that tries to answer the difficult and heartbreaking question why a young child would be called to be with God.

Poems About the Loss of a Spouse, Friend or Companion

women comforting one another

When your friend, lover, spouse or companion dies, a little bit of you dies as well because this was the person you shared everything with, including your thoughts, desires, and dreams. Bereavement poems related to these passings include:

  • My Soulmate by Cathy Wierman is about praying for a soulmate, finding him and sharing an incredible connection and love that will last always and forever.
  • The House is Empty Now by The Rev. William E. Gramley is about the loss of his wife and the profound emptiness he feels without her.
  • To My Beloved by Celia Wenig is a tribute of gratitude to her husband and how blessed her life was with him and how she struggles now without him.

Pet-related Loss Poems

For many people, their pets are like children. There is a bond and a friendship so deep that those who do not have pets can hardly understand. Some poems related to grieving after losing a pet include:

  • Barren by Kit McCallum is about woman's deep pain and her struggles a year later after the loss of her dog who she considered her 'child' since she was barren and could not have children of her own.
  • Four Feet in Heaven by Alice E. Chase is about the emptiness and heartbreak a woman feels after the loss of her cat and her gratitude of the time they spent together.
  • Rainbow Bridge (Death of a Pet) by an unknown author is a well-known poem that is often shared when someone experiences the loss of a pet. It gives hope and reassurance that you will once again reunite with your beloved pet at the rainbow bridge.
  • Your Pets in Heaven by Ken D. Conover is a sweet and touching poem that is written from the perspective of a thankful, loving pet.

Grieving Takes Time

Poetic words can help you release your feelings in times of sadness, but grieving still takes time. Losing a loved one is never easy, so give yourself as much time as you need to heal.

24 Soulful Poems Related to Grief