Poems About Grief in the New Year


If you are searching for poems about grief to help you face the new year, chances are you have some healing to do, a friend or loved one to console, or a condolence letter to write. While it may seem like a terrible way to ring in the new year, poetry is therapeutic and can help anyone sort out emotions and find balance.

Encouraging Poems About Grief

Poems that relate to grief do not necessarily need to be morbid or depressing. Plenty of authors search for strength as they grieve, weaving their prose with words like hope, faith and love. These sorts of grief poems inspire and support while offering a chance to reflect and reconnect with the world. If you are searching for sentiments to add to a memorial speech or a letter, keep in mind your words will be significant to other mourners, especially while feelings are fragile. Here are some encouraging poems and scriptures taken from the Bible and written by prominent authors of the past:

These are mere examples of hopeful poetry and scriptures. You can scour the bookstore, library or Internet to find suitable sentiments for your grieving situation. Multitudes of memoirs and endearing expressions of grief exist.

Creating Poetry

While reading the thoughts and feelings of other poets is beneficial and helps validate feelings of grief, you may consider constructing your own works. Creating your own poetry, or crafting works with a loved one may help you move into the New year with a sense of awareness. You can use poetry to remember the grievous events of the past and record your feelings, as you wade through the seasons of change. Much like keeping a journal or diary, writing poetry may help you identify your emotions, which is necessary for healing. If your poetry will be a gift to another, use the following tips to create your gift:

  • Write out your sentiments: A handwritten poem, card or sympathy letter is more personal when handwritten. Use decorative paper or personalized stationary to embellish your endowment.
  • Refrain from details: If you are consoling someone who has lost a loved one due to a tragic illness or event, discussing the details surrounding the situation is not necessary and may further the pain. Focus on supporting and encouraging the individual.
  • Include memories: Make your poem or letter more meaningful by sharing good times and meaningful moments you treasure. You might say something like "I'll always remember the songs Grandpa hummed in the morning."
  • Do not discuss yourself: Your focus should be on the bereaved. Bringing up your own hurtful situations may seem inappropriate and selfish.

Scrapbooks and Journals

Scrapbooks and journals are tangible tokens of the past, filled with pictures, poetry and history. Easing into the new year with a project that honors the past may be just what you or a loved on needs to merge that past with the future. Sometimes people find it difficult to make plans for the future when they feel the past has not been reconciled. Creating a keepsake such as a scrapbook or journal may help some move forward, leaving pieces of loss or woe within the pages of his book. Here are some tips for creating a scrapbook or journal:

  • Start by organizing old photos and creating themed pages
  • Use fabrics, stickers and cutouts to adorn the pages
  • Use words to describe photos and scenes
  • Incorporate poetry and favorite quotes

Other Memorial Gifts

Those who are uncomfortable writing poetry might opt to give another memorial gift. You might have a plaque, memory box, keepsake urn or tile personalized. Consider crocheting a prayer shawl, painting a picture or using your individual skills to craft a personal gift.


Whichever prose you chose, exploring poems about grief in the New Year is a compelling way to comfort yourself or another.

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Poems About Grief in the New Year