8 Pictures of Angel Statues at Cemeteries

Divine Angels

This gallery contains pictures of angels at cemeteries in various poses, each one having a different and special meaning. Angels are one of God's most sacred creatures and are found in most cultures. Angels have been known to be messengers or intermediaries between God and humans, and are meant to help lead the way to Heaven. That is why so many are on headstones.

Winged Angel

Angels with wings represent messengers or guardians of God.

Angel Baby

Sleeping baby angels represent the loss of an infant or child.

Reaching Up

Pictures of angels at cemeteries reaching up symbolize the way to Heaven.

Angel of Grief

Angels shown in a weeping position are often grieving those who have died.

In Flight

An angel in flight or who's looking like he or she is about to fly symbolizes rebirth and resurrection.

Guiding the Way

A picture of an angel holding someone means that angel is show him or her the way to Heaven.

Angel with Flowers

A picture or statue of an angel holding or dropping flowers by a headstone symbolizes the spreading of blessings.

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8 Pictures of Angel Statues at Cemeteries