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Taking an online course in bereavement counseling is suitable for anyone wants to work with grieving individuals and families. Bereavement counselors can work in a variety of places including medical facilities and funeral homes, so find out where you can take courses and what to expect.

Online Courses

Online courses allow learners to take classes or earn certification by taking classes on the Internet. Many of these courses don't require students to step foot into a traditional classroom, and this makes these courses especially suitable for students with busy schedules. The drawback to an online educational setting is that students miss out on face-to-face interaction and valuable practice lessons in the presence of an instructor.

It is important to make sure that the online bereavement counseling course you select is from an accredited institution, otherwise your course completion may be relatively useless. Bereavement classes online can be quite beneficial as long as you are able to learn in an online environment. There are some students who simply do not thrive unless they are in a traditional classroom setting. If this sounds familiar. then you may want to seek out a similar class that is offered on campus instead of online.

Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement counseling is a specialized field of psychology that allows trained professionals to interact with those who are grieving in a compassionate and effective way. Dealing with the bereaved and knowing how to ease their pain can oftentimes be a difficult task. Online bereavement counseling courses arm students with the skills they need in order to be comforting and helpful in these situations. Typical courses include:

Specialized courses are also available including classes specifically tailored toward medical professionals and classes that focus on assisting children who are grieving.

Find an Online Bereavement Counseling Course

Several educational institutions offer online counseling courses with an emphasis on bereavement and grieving. Not all courses result in a professional certification, and many classes have a prerequisite that must be fulfilled prior to entrance into the specialized courses.

Here is a brief listing of courses available online:

  • The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers courses for students who already have a degree and wish to augment their education with additional certification.
  • Capella University offers a Grief and Bereavement class for students working toward a PhD or PsyD in counseling.
  • Oxford College in the United Kingdom offers a course resulting in a diploma in Bereavement Counseling.
  • Breyer State University in Alabama offers a bachelor degree program in the specific topic of Grief Counseling and Bereavement Education through an online program.

There is an abundance of classes available online. Whether you are a college student seeking out a degree in this field or instead are a seasoned mental health professional who is looking to receive specialized training, a suitable class or seminar exists online.

Choosing a Class

If you make the decision to take an online course for grief counseling, then you need to find a class that is suitable to your needs. For example, if you have an advanced degree in psychology you will need a different class than someone who is at the very beginning of his or her collegiate career. On the other hand, if you have not attended college but want to take a seminar in order to add to your resume then you will need a different class entirely than the aforementioned examples.

Paying for a Course

If you are currently employed in a profession that comes into contact with grieving individuals, then your employer may pay for your class or offer a tuition reimbursement. Most colleges also offer financial assistance to students who cannot pay for the class outright.

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Online Bereavement Counseling Course