Finding Ohio Pet Cremation and Burial Services


Finding an appropriate Ohio pet burial service is not difficult. There are plenty of burial services available throughout the state to assist you when the time comes to lay a beloved pet to rest.

Pet Burial

Pet cemeteries feature a final resting place for pets and a place for owners to occasionally visit. Many pet cemeteries also feature burial services for animals that have been cremated in addition to pets laid to rest in coffins. Ohio pet cemeteries offer these options as well as several other options for grieving pet owners.

Find Ohio Pet Burial Services

The state of Ohio has an abundance of pet burial services throughout the state. Pet owners can choose from a variety of services depending on the pet cemeteries located nearby and the amount of money they are willing to spend. Ohio residents can purchase elaborate burial services or instead opt for a simple burial spot for their pets.

Here is a brief listing of Ohio pet burial services:

  • Karnik Memorial Garden is located in Toledo. This company offers several memorial options for pets. Pet owners can choose a private cremation with the option to receive their pet's ashes, or they can choose group cremation where their pet will be cremated with other pets and the ashes will be buried in the memorial garden.
  • Hummel Pet Services is located in Copley. Remembrance services include mementos for the owners to take home such as locks of the pet's hair and a copy of the paw print. Hummel will handle all transportation issues for the remains of the pet and also offers grief support.
  • Dogwood Pet Cremation Services is located in Milford. This company offers cremation and burial services for pets. Dogwood functions as a division of a funeral home that serves both people and pets, and many grieving pet owners find this fact appealing.
  • Geib Pet Crematory is located in Dover. This company provides cremation services and subsequent burials. Pet owners may choose to have sophisticated memorial services or more understated services depending on how much money they are willing to spend and their own personal preferences. Pet owners can also choose to pre-pay for eventual pet burial services.

There are many other Ohio pet burial services throughout the state. A great place to find a pet burial service near your home is by reviewing the Web site for Ohio Pet Loss Resources. This page features:

It is important to seek out help if you feel as though you are having a difficult time with managing your grief relating to the loss of a pet. With so many resources available throughout Ohio there is no reason to suffer without finding some assistance with bereavement for the loss of a pet.

Burial Options

The burial service chosen by pet owners depends largely on many different factors including:

  • Location of the burial
  • Amenities provided by the burial service
  • Cost of the burial

Picking a burial service is not the only question that pet owners must face when preparing to bury a pet. Other factors to take into consideration include:

  • Do you want your pet to be buried intact or instead be cremated prior to burial?
  • Would you like to have a memorial service prior to the burial?
  • Do you want to have an engraved marker or plaque to memorialize your pet?
  • Would you like to post an obituary for your pet?

The most important thing is for pet owners to find a burial service which will allow them to say goodbye to their beloved pets in a way that helps them honor their memory and assist the owners with their grief. The best idea is to visit more than one burial service in Ohio and find the most suitable final resting place for your pet.

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Finding Ohio Pet Cremation and Burial Services