National Cremation Society Services and Locations

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The National Cremation Society is known to be the largest provider of cremation, funeral and cemetery services in North America. But it is not a society run by volunteers; it is a business where those looking for these types of burial services can find them and, if need be, purchase them. However, over the years, the National Cremation Society has merged its business with National Cremation Services and has since changed both of their names to just National Cremation.

About the National Cremation Society

The original company was founded in 1973 and has helped more than 160,000 families with cremation needs.

National Cremation Society Locations

The group owns and operates most of its crematories in North America and has locations in parts of Canada as well as:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Texas

National Cremation Society Services

National Cremation's services include (but are not limited to):

Helping choosing urn funeral
  • Transferring the deceased person's remains to the nearest National Cremation provider
  • Caring for the remains
  • Preparing a death certificate
  • Preparing permits
  • The cremation of the body
  • The cremation container
  • Temporary urn for ashes
  • Coordinating the pickup of ashes
  • Any administrative services that may be needed

National Cremation is owned by Service Corporation International, a company whose aim to help families with funeral and burial arrangements. Besides the former National Cremation Society, the company owns:

National Cremation Society Reviews and Complaints

Recent testimonials on their site indicate that customers were very happy with the customer service, and prompt responses made by the salespeople. Several noted that the people who assisted them were kind, knowledgeable, and very helpful during such a stressful time.

According to the Better Business Bureau, several people noted that despite wishing to be removed from their mailing list, several salespeople call them often and they also receive a fair amount of marketing material in the mail. Someone also commented that the quality of the products is cheap and that the company massively overcharges for the types of products received.

Why Choose Cremation?

According to its Web site, National Cremation states that by 2025, "nearly 50 percent of families in North America will choose cremation." Why? "It's appealing because it's simple, affordable, and ecologically sensitive. In addition, cremation provides you with a greater variety of choices." With cremation, a person can:

  • Be buried in a plot
  • Have his or her ashes kept in an urn
  • Have his or her ashes scattered
  • Choose to have a memorial service (planned or not) instead of a burial
  • Save money on funeral and burial expenses; urns tend to be less expensive than buying a casket

Deciding If Cremation Is Right for You

While more and more people are beginning to choose cremation as a means disposing of their remains, many will still choose the traditional funeral and burial. Whatever choice you make for yourself or a loved one, make sure it is a thought-out first, and the company you choose to handle the arrangements is well-researched.

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National Cremation Society Services and Locations