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Beautiful Memorial Ideas for the Loss of a Pet

Myrrh Hector
A wooden cross makes a simple and meaningful memorial for the loss of a beloved pet.

A memorial for loss of pet can take a variety of forms. Some pet memorials are very similar to the kind of grave marker seen in cemeteries, while others may be as simple as a garden or tree planted in memory of a pet who has died. Each pet owner should memorialize his or her pet in a personal and meaningful way, after giving thought to their available budget and in what setting the memorial will be placed.

Commercial Memorial for Loss of Pet

For those who are able and willing to spend a little money, there are numerous choices in ready-made pet memorial items. These range from 20 dollars to several hundred dollars, and are widely available on the Internet.

Engraved Plates offers engraved nameplates for both indoor and outdoor use, priced at just less than twenty dollars. The indoor version is made of leaded brass and comes with either square or rounded corners. The rounded corner variety is somewhat smaller than the plate with square corners, but each is engravable with a maximum of four lines of 25 characters.

The outdoor versions are three inches wide, and are made of UV resistant plastic. The plate is attached to a container or marker with included double-sided tape, and could be attached almost any kind of marker. The plate is a great option for bereaved pet owners who have a limited budget, or those who want to construct their own urn or marker.


Peternity offers a wide selection of memorial markers for pets. For $75 dollars, pet owners can purchase markers made from river rock, slate, or white marble. For the same price, pet owners can also buy a four-inch by seven-inch black granite marker that features the pet's photo on the left and a personalized message on the right. The granite photo marker is also available in bigger sizes for an additional charge. An especially meaningful option for kids dealing with a pet death are Peternity's Kidoodly Rocks. Available in white marble or flagstone, the markers are priced from $75 to $145 and feature a personalized message. The distinctive feature of the Kidoodly Rocks is a line drawing, created by the bereaved young pet owner and etched into the marker.Parents can purchase these markers as a way to help children and young adults work through their grief, since the purchase of a Kidoodly Rock also includes an online memorial web page with pictures of the pet and his or her young owner and special memories shared by the child or family who owned the pet.


For those who are willing to spend a lot on a pet memorial, Forever Pets offers dog and cat figures mounted on wooden urns. A pet's cremated remains can be placed inside for a permanent memorial to a beloved pet. This company also offers a soft teddy bear keepsake urn that holds a pet's ashes in a secure plastic container, with a Velcro opening at the bottom of the bear to hold the plastic container inside. The huggable teddy bear is great for families with kids who are grieving the loss of a much-loved family pet. The bears are not large enough to hold all of most pets' cremated remains, so families could opt to get more than one bear, and split the pet's ashes among them.

Families can find a more personalized urn in a laser-engraved box offered by Best Friend Services. The urns are made from maple or alder and feature a photo of a pet engraved on the front of the urn. The boxes range in price from $115 for a small urn to $135 for the large size.

The round crystal urn also includes a photo transferred into a round glass globe that sits atop a wooden box. The boxes are made from oak, walnut, or maple, and include a nameplate in a variety of colors.

Homemade Memorial for Loss of Pet

Bereaved pet owners may opt for a homemade marker or memorial item, and this can range from a simple wooden cross with a pet's name and years of life to a special memorial tree planted in a pet's honor. Memorial items could also be as simple as a framed photograph with a pet's name and the pets' birth and death date. A pet's collar or other keepsake items could be placed near the frame as a special way to memorialize a pet indoors. Memorials should be personal and meaningful to each pet owner, and there is no right or wrong way to make a memorial.

Beautiful Memorial Ideas for the Loss of a Pet