Inexpensive Casket Plans for Building a Coffin

Crafting a casket needs the right tools.

Although it may seem out of the ordinary, there are those who are on the lookout for inexpensive casket plans. Perhaps the price of caskets or coffins is just too costly for some, and the desire to create a casket is strong. If you are handy with tools and can follow blueprints, or if you are just curious, read on.

Where to Search for Inexpensive Casket Plans

  • Casket Furniture has a variety of plans you can order, along with the supplies needed.
  • MHP Casket Kits allows for easy to afford casket building plans so that you can create a casket for your loved one that will match the quality of those offered by funeral homes.
  • Wayne of the Woods has the only free coffin plans available to view on the Internet. One plan is for building a casket for pets and the other is for humans.
  • Rockler has plans and a listing of the hardware needed to build each casket.

Sample of an Inexpensive Casket Plans

For an example, let's look at the Wood Casket Plan that Rockler offers on their website. In addition to the $14.99 detailed, step-by-step instructions, and elevation drawings included in the plan, you will need to purchase the wood for the coffin as well as the following hardware.

  • One pair of separable hinges
  • Left hand lid catch
  • Right hand lid catch
  • Large lid support
  • Casket bed frame and hardware
  • One pair of antique nickel handle rod brackets
  • One pair of antique gold handle rod brackets
  • One pair of antique gold handle rod end caps
  • One pair of antique nickel handle rod end caps
  • One set of four antique nickel stamped metal corners
  • One set of four antique gold stamped metal corners

Easy to Assemble Green Caskets

For those wanting an environmentally-friendly casket, or what is also known as a green casket, Ark Wood Caskets provides an economical option. Their caskets, which sell for $599 each, have no metals, plastics, stains, varnishes or oils. The glue they use contains no formaldehyde. For every casket they make, they plant a tree. The caskets are packaged and sent in an easy to assemble form. Their special dowling system allows for the caskets to ship flat, thus saving the consumer from a high shipping bill. The casket can be stored until needed. Then six panels are placed together with the dowels. Glue is the only product needed, and it takes about twenty minutes to assemble the casket.

The Casket Business

Perhaps you are thinking about going in to the casket-building business and want to invest in software on how to build a coffin. For $134, Casket Furniture has CDs with the following plans:

  • Giovanni Casket Plan
  • Simple Pine Casket Plan
  • Socrates Casket Plan
  • Martin Casket Plan

Or perhaps you would just like to invest in the CD so that you can make caskets for family members in order to save you money. You can choose which plan or plans suit you, depending on the type of casket you are interested in constructing as well as the level of skill you have to build.


  • The Do it Yourself Coffins Book sells for $14.99. In this book you will learn about the tools and techniques needed to build lovely and lasting coffins for people and pets.


The death of a loved one is a difficult time. If you are an immediately-skilled craftsman, you can build a casket in which your family member or friend can be buried. The constructing of the casket could prove to be a loving and meaningful tribute. The testimonies of those who have built a casket are filled with gratitude that they were able to take part in this final act of love for their deceased loved one.


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Inexpensive Casket Plans for Building a Coffin