Headstone Flower Holders

Headstone with flowers

Selecting a headstone flower holder to mark the grave of a loved one is an important part of creating a monument in that person's memory. There are a number of factors to take into consideration as you make decisions about how you will mark the grave of your loved one.

What to Consider When Selecting Headstone Flower Holders

You will want headstone flower holders to be durable and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Additionally, you will need to take into consideration how the cemetery flower vase will be mounted to the headstone. Here are some of the options available.


There are a number of durable materials and finishes that will hold up well, even in extremes of cold and heat.

  • Granite is a popular material that will hold up well no matter what the weather. It is attractive and can be purchased to match the original headstone.
  • Treated metal vases are lighter in weight than granite. They can be attached to the headstone in a variety of manners. Treated metal vases will hold up well in all types of weather and can be mounted by a variety of means. Treated vases usually have a finish baked onto them, giving them an even stronger and more durable finish.
  • Plastic stone vases are a treated plastic designed to be out in the weather. These vases are usually quite affordable and durable, and many are designed to be stuck directly into the ground near the headstone.
  • Enamel is extremely durable and resists corrosion in weather extremes.


Another thing to take into consideration when selecting headstone flower holders is how they will be mounted. Will they be attached to a headstone, dug into the ground or staked? Part of your selection process for mounting may be determined by the requirements and/or restrictions of the cemetery, so check before you select a mounting.

  • Cone vases are vases that have either a conical or flat bottom. On the bottom, there is a stake, which allows the vase to be staked into the ground next to the headstone. Cone vases are designed to hold both silk and natural flower arrangements.
  • In-ground vases are planted in the ground next to the headstone. When in use, the vase is pulled out of the holder, which sits flush with the surface of the grass, and turned over so that the vase now sits above the ground. This type of headstone flower holder is ideal for cemeteries that require that all memorials be flush with the ground so that mowing is easily achieved.
  • Base mount vase and/or pot holders mount to the base of a headstone like a bracket. The vase is then placed in the bracket. This type of mount can be found at Monumate. They can hold either a vase or a flower pot.
  • Side mount pot and vase holders are a bracket that screws directly into the side of a headstone monument. They can hold either a vase or a flower pot. Monumate also has this type of mounting available.
  • A saddle mount holder mounts on top of a headstone, across the length of the stone with brackets that clip on to the stone. Flowers and floral arrangements can then be placed atop the saddle. Headsone Accessories offers this type of a flower holder.
  • Adhesive backed mountings have a durable adhesive that attaches directly to the gravestone, and a vase is placed in the mounting.
  • Stake mounted pot holders are a metal bracket that mounts at the base of a headstone and is made to hold flower and plant pots.

Where to Buy

Local monument dealers will have a number of options for flower and plant holders. The local dealers may also be aware of the regulations of each neighboring cemetery, so they will likely be able to help you find the right flower holder for your needs. There are also a number of online resources where you may find just the right headstone flower holders:

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Headstone Flower Holders