Tips About Grieving for a Beloved Cat


The process of grieving for cats can be complicated. On the one hand, you may feel as though you are overcome with a huge sense of loss when a beloved pet passes, but on the other hand you may feel compelled to hide your feelings because you fear that no one will truly understand your pain. Allow yourself the time to grieve, and the overall experience will be much more beneficial than if you ignore your feelings.

Acknowledge the Grief

A cat can be a beloved companion, a cuddly friend and a constant source of joy for the owner. When a cat passes away, there is a definite void for people who truly adored their four-legged friends. Although many people have the misconception that a cat's death is somehow less traumatic than the death of a dog, grieving for cats can be just as difficult - if not more so - dependent upon the relationship the cat and owner shared.

You should not feel as though your feelings of grief over the death of a cat are trivial. You should acknowledge your feelings and disregard thoughtless comments from other people if they tell you things like, "Just go get another cat," or "What are you so sad about; it was just a cat." Your feelings are valid, and for your own sake you need to deal with your grief in whatever way you see fit.

Buy Memorial Products

Some pet owners choose to purchase special products that are designed to memorialize a cat that has passed away. Typical memorial products include:

  • Snow Globes that are suitable for display and feature your cat's photo and name.
  • Figurine urns that are identical to your pet's breed and can hold your pet's ashes.
  • Cat theme keepsakes like a pendant or keychain.
  • Custom Memorial Plaque featuring your cat's photo, name, date of birth, and date of passing along with a poem.

You do not necessarily need to purchase a memorial for your cat. You may instead decide to simply frame a favorite picture of your cat or keep your cat's favorite pillow in a prominent location of your home. The point is to have a visual reminder of the cat you so dearly loved.

Cremation and Burial

Many cat owners choose to find a suitable final resting place for their pets, whether it's in a pet cemetery or instead in an urn on a mantle.

Pet Cemeteries

You can search the Pet Cemetery Directory if your choice is to bury your cat in a cemetery designed for pets. These cemeteries can oftentimes cover all the details regarding the burial including obtaining a casket, providing a memorial service, and engraving a proper grave marker. The advantage to a pet cemetery is that you can always go visit the grave to aid you in grieving for cat.


Cat owners often choose cremation for their pets. This allows you to choose from a number of options:

  • Burying the cremated remains of your cat in a pet cemetery or on your own land.
  • Placing your cat's remains in an urn.
  • Spreading your cat's ashes in a desired location.

Pet crematories are located throughout the country and the globe.

Grieving for Cats Properly

There is no right or wrong way to grieve over the loss of your cat. If you are fortunate enough to have understanding friends then you may want to talk about your feelings openly as this may speed up the healing process. A memorial service may grant you the closure you need. Do not feel foolish because of your grief; cats are fantastic animals and can be dearly missed once they are gone.

You may not want to rush into obtaining another cat unless you are certain that you are ready to bring another pet home. Be sure that when the time comes to open your heart to another cat you're actually ready, and not simply trying to fill the void left by your cat's death.

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Tips About Grieving for a Beloved Cat