Funeral Poetry and Bible Verses for Grandmothers

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Choosing the right funeral poetry for your grandmother can be a complicated task. No matter what your time with Grandma was like, choosing the words that commemorate her death is both healing and difficult.

Poetry for Grandmother's Funeral

Funeral poetry is a traditional way to offer sentiments to mourners while speaking kindly of a grandmother. Many individuals use poetry to convey final thoughts and tell the deceased things they wish they would have said in person. These grandmother poems by Michele Meleen capture different aspects of Grandma's relationships and traits to fit with any matriarch's funeral.

Grandma My Guardian Angel

A short haiku about your grandmother is great because it conveys a lot of emotion in a few words so you won't get tripped up if you're crying as you read.

Grandma, my angel
I know you'll guide me always
from Heaven above.

In Memory of Grandma

A memorial short poem for Grandma can be read at the funeral, gravesite, or an annual memorial service.

Memories grow
and memories fade,
But memories of Grandma
never go away.

Her smile rests in mine,
her hands help me sew,
her love fills my heart,
her spirit runs through my soul.

In memory of Grandma,
the trunk of my tree,
I live my life as her legacy.

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Remembering Grandmother

An acrostic poem using the word "grandma" or "grandmother" or even your grandma's actual name makes for a great keepsake funeral poem.

Grandma, Gigi, Gam Gam,
Remember all her names.
A matriarch to our family,
Never selfish or vain.
Dear grandma, we remember your:
Mothering spirit,
Open heart, and
Tempting recipes.
Hugs and kisses will be missed, but
Everything about you will be

Grandma's Life Lessons

Funeral poems for grandmas don't have to be religious and can touch on the specific things these women do for their families.

Grandma's life lessons are simple
she's shown them through and through.
Grandma' life lessons are ample
and they're yours if you choose, too.

Lesson One: Love everyone.
Lesson Two: Love them true.
Lesson Three: Love them equally.

Lesson Four: Never close doors.
Lesson Five: Help them thrive.
Lesson Six: Always offer a fix.

If you follow Grandma's life lessons,
your life will be happy and sweet.
If you follow Grandma's life lessons,
your life will be fulfilling and complete.

Grandma's Life Lessons

Dear Grandmother, From Your Grandchildren

Turn a letter to your grandmother into a sweet poem when you use the free verse form of poetry.

Dear Grandmother,
Thank you for all the love you gave,
that unconditional, unwavering kind.
You showed us how to put family first
and give more than receive.

We will do our best to mimic
the family bond you
tended to.

Dear Grandmother,
from your grandchildren
there's only one gift we can give.
We'll live by your example
as we create our own family trees.
We'll embody all that is a grandmother
because that's the ultimate love.

All Grandmas Go to Heaven

A long poem that's fitting for all ages and ties in thoughts of heaven is perfect for a religious funeral.

Do all grandma's go to Heaven?
or is it reserved just for you?
Does every other grandmother
do the things you do?
Is every other grandmother
a strong, loving, faithful woman too?

If Heaven is reserved
for those who deserve,
surely that's where you are now.

If God gives his love
both below and above
to those who have given a vow,
surely that's where you are now.

I believe all grandma's go to Heaven
you're settled among them today.
All grandma's must go to Heaven
because grandma's always see the way.

Grandma's Not Old Anymore

If your grandma was known for her sense of humor, a funny poem can be appropriate.

Grandma's not old anymore,
her wrinkles have all gone away.
Her joints are all working
and her hair is no longer gray.

When grandmothers die,
they instantly age down
back to a little princess
complete with a crown.

This may not be the picture
of death that you see
but Grandma gave me her sense of humor
so it's what I choose to believe.

Bible Verses for a Grandmother's Funeral

If your family and grandmother have strong ties to religion, use religious verses or scriptures in place of or addition to poems. Bible verses read like poems and carry inspirational messages. Look for bible verses your grandma loved, or choose one that speaks to her personality.

2 Timothy 1:5: Connections Through Faith

There aren't many Bible verses that speak specifically to only grandmothers, but 2 Timothy 1:5 is one that does. The verse shares " a faith that first dwelt in your grandmother," and continues "I am sure dwells in you as well." It connects grandchildren and grandparents through faith.

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Titus 2:1-5: Grandmothers As Examples

Another verse that speaks directly of grandma's is Titus 2:1-5. Part of the verse says "Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine" to state how grandmothers serve as an example for their family members.

Proverbs: Grandparent Crowns

In the English Standard Version of the Bible, Proverbs 16:31 starts "Gray hair is a crown of glory." When you pair this verse with Proverbs 17:6 which says "Grandchildren are the crown of the aged," you get a beautiful speech about how grandmas are queens in their own families.

Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd

Many of the sentiments written about God in Psalm 23 are fitting for grandmother's because they take on similar caretaking roles. Lines like "for his name's sake" and "you prepare a table before me" relate to your familial ties and family meals shared with your Grandmother. They also assert that she will now be taken care of by the Lord.

Psalm 100: His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

The love of a grandmother feels unconditional and unending, just as the love of God. Part of Psalm 100 reads "we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture" which also represents how family members feel about their matriarch. The verse ends with the line "and his faithfulness to all generations" which encourages all of a grandmother's kin to keep her faith.

Examples of Funeral Poetry for Grandmas

Beautiful poems about grandmothers that are written for other occasions like birthdays and holidays can also be used as funeral tributes. Whether you're preparing a eulogy for a grandma or putting together funeral programs, poems about these amazing women are easy to find.

Honor Grandma With Beautiful Words

Selecting funeral poetry for your grandmother can be an emotional and cathartic experience. Different kinds of poems for funeral tributes set different tones and convey different messages. Look for the type of poem and subject matter that will best

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