27 Heartfelt Funeral Poems for Dad

Couple of children mourning at grave

Funeral poems for dad can help you express how much you will miss and love him. Finding the perfect one is easy with the Internet, if you know where to look.

Finding Funeral Poems for Dad

Find Funeral Poems

Find Funeral Poems is a site with a collection of poems especially for deceased fathers. Some of the poems include:

  • The Value of Life
  • To My Dear Dad
  • Crossing the Bar
  • Any Grief More than Mine
  • A Gift From Me
  • Do Not Stand At My Grace
  • Afternoon in February
  • God Saw You Getting Tired
  • He Is Gone
  • I Did Not Die
  • Only If…
  • Miss Me, But Let Me Go
  • To Let You Go

The Funeral Program Site

The Funeral Program site has some poems to choose from such as:

  • Time Has Taken You
  • Dad's Love Remains
  • Golden Memories of Dad
  • A Tribute to Dad

Family Friend Poems

Family Friend Poems has poetry written by members of the site. Some of the submissions have an introduction explaining who the author's father was and how he died. You may find the perfect poem or at least some inspiration to write your own.

The Funeral Site.com

The Funeral Site.com has the following father death poems available:

  • Dad
  • Fathers are Wonderful People
  • My Father, My Father
  • Angler's Prayer
  • A Love Like No Other
  • Your Spirit - A Tribute to My Father
  • A Successful Man
  • To My Father
  • The Child Is Father To The Man
  • My Father

The site also has some specific poems you can use for a grandfather.

Additional Sites for Memorial Poems for a Father

Many times, a general loved one poem will have the same message you want for your father. So make sure you search for other types of poems such as death, loved one, friend and family poems.

Tips for Using Dad Poems at a Funeral

Before you read the funeral poem you found online, consider the following:

  • To make sure you don't stumble over the words, read the poem as many times as you can. Read it to yourself and read it aloud. Read it in front of a mirror and in front of loved ones.
  • Consider having soft music play in the background while you read the poem at the funeral. It will enhance the effect of it by giving it that special touch.
  • Turn it into a song if you can sing or have someone else sing it. You can make it even more powerful if you can put the poem to music and sing it in your beautiful voice.
  • Make sure the poem isn't too long. Grievers are already overwhelmed with emotions and listening to a long poem can make them shut down and stop listening. A short, powerful, and beautiful poem will deliver the message that everyone will remember.
  • If you have access to a slideshow program and presentation tools at the funeral, you can display photos of your father while you read the poem. The poem will direct your thoughts and emotions to the audience's ears while the slideshow will enhance that message through their sight, which will make it incredibly touching.

Poetry for Dad at a Funeral

If you decide to use a poem that you found online, make sure to credit the author. It's easy to simply say, "This poem was written by …".

Writing Your Own Poem for Dad

If you can't find a funeral poem for your dad that speaks your heart, you may want to write your own. Use some of the poems you find online as inspiration and then insert some of your own thoughts and feelings. Don't worry if it doesn't sound poetic or it doesn't flow, as long as it says what you want it say, you have the perfect poem.

27 Heartfelt Funeral Poems for Dad