Free Obituary Poems for Different Kinds of Losses

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An obituary expresses personal information publicly, often containing bits of the deceased's personality. The addition of an original poem honors lost loved ones by adding a unique quality to their final written legacy.

Original Poems for Obituaries

Not everyone can write a beautiful poem, especially in the face of grief. The following poems make any obituary feel more personal and thoughtful.

Shine On

Written in Haiku form, this simple poem expresses deep feelings and fits into short word count limits.

Light shines from my soul
Embraces your weeping heart
Love lasts forever


This rhyming poem embraces spirituality in a non-denominational way. It is written from the point of view of the deceased as a special message to bring comfort to readers.

I am free to fly on wind,
to catch the breeze,
floating where I please.

I am free to shine with the sun,
to light up the day
in my own special way.

I am free without my body,
to live on in your memory.


Grief is a lasting process that affects every person differently. This short, free verse poem encourages family and friends to band together in their collective time of need.

Together we will mourn,
with sadness, tears, and fears.
Together we will love,
dear (Insert first name of deceased), ourselves, and each other.
Together we will live,
for (him/her), for us, for them to come.
Together we will heal,
in memory of our beloved friend.

God's Love

This rhyming poem features religious tones helping make sense of death and how to cope.

God's hands reached far
to touch His child
softly, gently
they two will beguile.

In the Kingdom of God
peace fills the air
happy and tranquil
I know (he/she) is there.

God's hands reach far
to touch your heart
softly, gently
you are no longer apart.

Death and Dying Obituary Poems

grieving woman

Poetry helps people express feelings during difficult times and personalizes public announcements like obituaries.

General Poems

Any obituary is enhanced with the addition of unique or special words. Sad poems on death help those left behind deal with grief by exploring what sadness feels like. Many well-known writers and authors have also penned famous poems about death. Whether looking to write from a humorous angle, one of mourning or one of remembrance, original poems for funeral tributes fill every need.

Poems About Women

The loss of a wife, mother, sister or grandmother can be life-changing for those left behind as these women play special roles in life. Bible verses described as funeral poems for moms can be used as is or as a starting point to creating a unique poem. Famous poems in memory of a mom are also appropriate for obituaries.

Poems About Men

Original works such as grandfather poems and poems in memory of a dad pay special tribute to important males by showcasing their unique perspectives like those of military dads. There's also a comprehensive list of published funeral poems for dad points you toward dozens of options for memorializing the men in your life.

Poems About Children

The loss or death of a child can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. Kelly Roper expertly incorporates these uniquely challenging feelings is original poems for infant loss that cover tough topics like miscarriage, stillbirth, and child illness. More online resources are available when searching death of a child poems.

Poems for Other Deaths

In modern obituaries, there are more nods to specific circumstances. Sad drug poems look at addiction from the perspective of the addict, family members and first responders. Adults and children can use death of a classmate poems to memorialize a friend, or they can be used in a teacher's obituary. Those searching for ethnic poems related to grieving benefit from helpful tips on finding them.

Poetic Expression

Add poems to obituaries as a means to express feelings, make a tribute to a loved one, or send a message about life and death. The emotional nature of poetry embraces the personal connections between the dead and the living. Even if you aren't a poet, there is a poem out there that can capture exactly what you want to say.

Free Obituary Poems for Different Kinds of Losses