Pet Urns to Honor Your Beloved Best Friend


After the death of your beloved pet, you may consider purchasing one of the many elegant pet urns available.

Cremating Your Pet

The love you have for your family pet hasn't died along with his/her death. Instead, you are left with a void that isn't easily filled with another animal. When you start to consider final preparation for your pet, you may yearn to have him/her close to you in any way possible. This is how cremation can help you!

Cremating your pet means that you receive the ashes to do as you want. Some people choose to do an ashes scattering ceremony and others decide to place them into an urn. Placing cremation ashes in an urn means that you can place them in a convenient, well thought out location that is easily accessible to you. It provides you the means to visit your pet anytime that you like and feel that he/she is close by in spirit.

Choosing Elegant Pet Urns

While you may wonder why anyone would purchase elegant pet urns, it makes the perfect sense. Having a beautiful urn means that you can display it in your home or office without it being unsightly to guests.

Many people purchase beautiful pet urns as a tribute. The love you have for your pet is so great that you want to provide a final resting place that you can be proud of. You will notice it, admire it, and remember all of the great times you shared.

Types of Pet Urns

  • Etched pictures and inscriptions

If you choose to purchase one that has glass on the outside of it or completely made out of wood, you can have your pet's picture etched on it. Many of them allow you to have an inscription on it as well.

  • Wood box

You can also be discreet by purchasing a box made from fine wood. You'll find that you can buy them with many different finishes.

  • Vase

Some urns look like beautiful vases with a top on it.

  • Photo urn

You can also find some with pockets on the outside of it so you can place pictures of your pet.

  • People urns

If you can't find the perfect one for your pet, consider looking at people's urns. They work just the same and you'll have a wider selection.

Where to Buy Urns

Here are some suggestions on where you can find lovely pet urns:

Search Your Local Community

One of the first places you might want to check is with the cremation service. They usually have information on where you can buy urns in your local area. However, you may find that there is not a large enough selection to choose from.

Browse Online

The Internet provides you with hundreds of urns so you can find the ideal one for your deceived pet. You can expect to pay as little as $50 to as much as $200 or more. The type, style and e-tailer all determine its price. Some websites offering these pet urns include:

Take Your Time When Choosing

Don't rush the process of finding the perfect container for your pet's ashes. You want the urn to reflect the love you have for your pet. Keep searching until you find the one that makes you think of your lost loved one. You'll be thankful you did once you finally have it to keep your pet with you forever.

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Pet Urns to Honor Your Beloved Best Friend