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Overview of Dog Cremations and Options for Ashes

Tamsen Butler
White dog

The loss of a beloved canine companion presents many options to owners such as whether to consider dog cremations or burials. Although these are not the only two options available, many owners consider both when deciding on a final resting place for their dogs and find that cremation can be a very versatile option indeed.

Dog Cremations Explained

Dog cremations are commonly chosen by owners because of the resulting versatility of the remains. Instead of the dog being buried in one location the ashes can be lovingly spread in a favorite place or instead held in a prominent spot. Some owners opt to cremate their dogs and then have the remains placed within a pet cemetery. Plenty of options exist with dog cremations.

There are two choices when it comes to dog cremations:

  1. The dog is cremated and the remains are returned to the owner for whatever final disposal they see fit.
  2. The dog is cremated communally along with other dogs (and perhaps an assortment of other pets too) and the owner does not take ownership of the ashes.

Whether or not you choose to keep your dog's ashes is completely up to you and depends largely on how comfortable you are with dealing with your dog's remains.

Options for Ashes

If you do decide to keep the ashes from your dog's cremation then there are several options you can choose from when finding a final resting place for the remains.

Keeping the Ashes

Many dog owners choose to purchase an urn or some other dignified container to keep dogs' ashes in. Some owners display the urn prominently within the home while others tuck it away in a quiet place within their home. If you would like to have a daily reminder of your dog then an urn featuring a photograph or other likeness of your dog can be placed in a highly visible location within your home.

Spreading the Ashes

Some dog owners decide to spread their dogs' ashes in a location that reminds them of their dogs in life. An outdoor area where your dog loved to frolic or a lakeside location where you spent many weekends camping with your dog are great examples of places which are appropriate for spreading ashes. If you feel as though the ocean is an appropriate final resting place for your dog then you will be pleased to discover that companies exist which will conduct burials at sea for cremated remains for a fee.

Burying the Ashes

Not every animal in a pet cemetery is buried intact. Many pet owners choose to cremate their dogs, cats and other animals, and then bury the ashes within a cemetery in order to have a specific location where they can visit and grieve for the loss of their pets. Some pet owners find pet cemeteries appealing because they can conduct a respectful memorial service and have the closure of a burial while still being able to choose cremation.

Find Providers of Dog Cremations

Finding facilities for dog cremations is not difficult. If your dog is under medical care when he or she passes, then the facility may offer to cremation. You can also seek out the services of companies specializing in cremation services for pets. Here is a brief listing of resources online for pet cremations:

  • Pet Rest Cemetery and Cremation Services operates out of South Carolina and offers both cremation services and burials. Like most cremation facilities they offer a wide range of services including suggestions online for coping with grief and engraved memorial pieces.
  • Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery in California offers prepaid cremation services to pet owners so the cost can be completely covered prior to the dog's death.
  • Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery of Michigan offers three cremation options for dogs:
    • A completely private cremation where the dog is alone within the crematorium
    • A semi-private cremation where the dog is cremated alongside other pets but the ashes kept separate
    • A communal cremation where the dog's ashes mingle with the ashes of other pets

    These examples are representative of what dog owners will find with most pet cemeteries and crematories throughout the country. Cremation is a viable option for grieving dog owners who need to decide on what is best for their dogs' remains.

Overview of Dog Cremations and Options for Ashes