Finding Discount Pet Caskets

Natural Choice eco-friendly woven willow pet coffin
Natural Choice eco-friendly woven willow pet coffin

For many people, their pets are more than just animals - they are family. So when a beloved pet dies, many owners choose to bury their pets in a casket, as opposed to an unprotected burial or cremation. Caskets come in a variety of materials and can be purchased either unadorned or with plush inner linings and ornate hardware. While you are not likely to find caskets on sale per se, you can find inexpensive caskets for any type that you'd prefer.

Finding the Right Casket

Caskets are priced according to size, so one for a toy poodle will be much less expensive than one for a great dane, regardless of the type of material and accessories selected; therefore it's important to measure your pet prior to purchasing a casket, to ensure you select the right size. If you'd like to bury your pet in a traditional casket, but are afraid it's not in your budget, don't worry - there is a wide selection of discounted pet caskets for any sized pet.

Eco-Friendly Caskets

Built from sustainable materials that aren't harvested by heavy machinery, such as cardboard, willow and mulberry tree bark, eco-friendly caskets are biodegradable, so they leave a small carbon footprint, yet are dignified enough to provide a proper burial. The most discounted in this category are the cardboard caskets which average around $45 and the most expensive are the willow caskets, running anywhere from $500 to $2000.

  • For the best discount on the cardboard option, consider a double-walled, corrugated cardboard casket suitable for pets up to 40 pounds. At $28 for a small, $31 for a medium, and $36 for a large-sized casket, the cardboard casket is a simple, affordable option for pet owners wanting a traditional burial. A cardboard casket is your cheapest option for an eco-friendly casket.
  • Handmade paper pet casket
    Handmade paper pet casket
    Handmade paper caskets are a slightly more expensive yet beautiful choice. These caskets are made from mulberry tree bark, which is soaked to create a pulp, and then spread on to bamboo screens to dry into a beautiful, biodegradable and eco-friendly paper. The bottom of the caskets are lined with natural cotton. Three sizes are available, ranging in price range from $49 to $115.
  • Willow caskets from the Natural Burial Company are the most discounted of this type of material. Find them in sizes small to extra-large. They are handcrafted and include a natural, unbleached, leak resistant cotton lining. Prices range from $149 to $229.

High-Impact Styrene Caskets

High-impact styrene is a durable plastic and one of the more widely available types of pet caskets. The design, coupled with the addition of special sealant that restricts water and air from seeping in to the casket, makes them a popular choice. A very plain styrene casket can start at around $50 for a small animal, but may average around $300 to $500 if you have a larger animal and line the inside with fleece padding or other embellishments. However, the following are great choices at more of a discount.

  • Large economy casket from Pets In Remembrance
    Large economy casket from Pets In Remembrance
    Pets in Remembrance offers an economy line of styrene caskets in small ($49.99), medium ($59.99) and large ($79.99). The caskets are available in black or white and are unlined.
  • A good option for a discounted styrene casket with a plush interior, Newnaks Pet Caskets offers a standard pet casket in sizes small to large. Available in white or black with the option of pink, blue, silver or gold plush satin mattress, these caskets range in price from $99.99 to $189.99.
  • Treasured Friend Memorials offers a larger range of sizes - from 20" to 52" - in its simple almond casket. Minimally lined with a pillow and pad, the caskets are priced from $89.99 to $289.99. These are a good option to save money if you have larger pet.

Non-Deteriorating Plastic Caskets

These popular caskets, which include high-impact styrene, are made from plastics that do not deteriorate, which means not only will your pet's remains be protected indefinitely, but no harmful chemicals will be released into the environment. Plastic caskets on average, cost around $300, depending on the size and embellishments you want for your pet. The ones below are significantly cheaper in cost than average.

  • Memorial Urns small plastic pet casket
    Memorial Urns small plastic pet casket
    Memorial Urns offers several options for simple, plastic caskets for small, medium and large-sized pets. Caskets can be purchased unlined or with a simple satin interior. Prices range from $68 to $124.95.
  • Pets in Remembrance offers a very simple, unlined plastic burial container shell for pets sized small through extra-large. Available in almond, the caskets range in price from $16.50 to $97.
  • Available in four sizes, Partridge Enterprises offers a single-walled, almond colored casket in sizes small through extra-large. The caskets, which come unlined and are priced from $60 to $110, have two decorative feathers engraved on the top.

Wood Caskets

From simple pine to the more expensive cherry or maple, wood caskets are an elegant option, and what most people envision when they think of caskets. If you have your heart set on a wooden casket to serve as your pet's final resting place, a pine casket is a beautiful choice that won't break the bank.

Wood tends to be a more expensive material, and consequently a wooden casket will cost more. Prices vary widely based on the type of wood you are selecting, with cherry or mahogany being the most expensive.

  • Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets offers an unfinished pine casket in 11 different sizes ranging from 10" to 48" long. The caskets are sanded to a smooth finish and are beautiful as is, but are ready to be stained or painted as a final gesture to your pet. Each casket is made to order by veteran cabinet makers to your exact specifications. Prices range from $39.95 to $269.95
  • Handmade in Wisconsin, North Rustic Design offers 3/4" thick unfinished, sanded but unstained pine casket. The caskets include a hinge, latch, chain and handles. Caskets are available in small, medium and large, with the smallest casket fitting an animal up to 8" long, and the largest casket for an animal up to 46". Prices range from $39.99 to $369.99.
  • Memorials offers beautiful pet caskets in a variety of woods, including rosewood and cherry wood. Pricing starts at just under $400, and this company caters to small pet owners.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Casket

Generally, the larger your pet, the more expensive the casket. However, there are a few things you can do to lessen the cost of your pet's casket:

  • By far, the cheapest way to go, is a cardboard casket. If your only consideration is cost, purchase something in cardboard.
  • Forego the embellishments on the inside of the casket. Many caskets come lined in satin, with a special pet pillow, or lined in another fabric. You can skip the fabric inside to lower your overall cost.
  • If you want a wooden casket, a plain pine casket is by far the cheapest route to go.

A Loving Goodbye

Burying a beloved pet in a casket can give the grieving pet owner some comfort, knowing their pets remains were treated with dignity and respect. Thankfully there is a wide variety of beautiful and tasteful discount pet caskets to fit any budget and style.

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Finding Discount Pet Caskets