Death of a Child Poems

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If you or someone you know recently experienced the death of a child, poems offer more than just something to read. They offer comfort, support, and the encouragement needed to go on in every day life.

How Poems Help the Bereaved

When parents face the loss of their child, no matter the age, they need comfort. Besides looking for comfort in each other and through family and friends, they also find it by reading or listening to poetry. Poems have a way of lifting someone's spirits, allowing the individual to connect with what has been written. In the case of a child's death, poems allows parents to read or hear exactly what they are feeling, including:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Sad
  • Anger
  • Discouraged
  • Bitter
  • Resentment
  • Despair
  • Disappointed
  • Shame

These feelings are normal and coincide with what is felt when going through the stages of grief. By going through these emotions, one can find comfort or resolution, and many times poetry can help.

Many death of a child poems are personal and put into words some of the most painful feelings and emotions felt by the reader. While they may be difficult to read at times, they typically help the mourner connect with what is being said or written. For instance, a poem on the loss of an infant, What Makes a Mother, conjures up many emotions by those who read it. It brings comfort because it allows the parent, in this case the child's mother, to feel that the baby is at peace and looking down from Heaven.

Word of Caution

If these types of poems are for newly bereaved parents, be conscious of their emotional state and feelings. While many times, these poems can bring a sense of comfort, there will be times early on in the grieving process where they may cause more distress. If you plan on presenting the mourning parents with this type of poem, check with a close family member or friend to see if they are up to receiving it.

Finding Death of a Child Poems

The Internet is your best source for finding appropriate poems about the death of a child. You can look for general poetry regarding children of all ages, or you can narrow your search to:

  • Miscarriage
  • Infant loss
  • Stillbirth
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Loss of a toddler or young children
  • Death of a teenager or young adult
  • Loss of an adult child

Some categories may have a larger selection of poetry available than others. Overall, there is an abundance of non-specific child loss poetry websites from which to choose:

  • The Labor of Love has a good selection of poems written by individuals who dealt with a child's passing. Many are very personal and speak about very specific causes of death.
  • Grieving Parents also offers a variety of child loss poems including miscarriage and infant loss, many written by unknown authors.
  • My Forever Child is a collection of submissions by readers who, in one capacity or another, has dealt with a child's death. The poems are broken down into categories including raw grief and miscarriage with poetry written exclusively for and by fathers.

Collecting the Poems

A collection of death of a child poems can make a beautiful gift to any grieving parent. Poems can be printed out and placed together in a scrapbook or journal. They can also be placed digitally onto a website (check for copyright infringement first) or into a montage on a CD or DVD. A simple poem can be placed with a sympathy letter or card and even used as part of a funeral program or memorial service. The thing to remember is that when given or read at the right time, these poems can be very comforting and healing.

Death of a Child Poems