Urn Fountains for a Lovely, Contemporary Memorial

Fountain Urn

Contemporary urn fountains are available through mortuaries and crematories, but you also have the option of purchasing one through a local supplier or through an online merchant. You may be able to find a better variety of urns through sources other than the funeral home handling the memorial arrangements.

Urn Fountains

Urn fountains memorialize a person's passing and may or may not actually contain cremated remains. Memorial fountains may also contain the cremated remains of more than one person, and it is not uncommon for these fountains to contain the remains of entire families or organizations. Fountains are usually located within cemeteries, gardens or other appropriate locations suitable for a memorial. Whether a fountain is elaborate or understated depends upon the cost of the fountain, the location where it sits, and the amount of ashes it is designed to contain.

Contemporary Designs

You may already be familiar with the more classic designs for urn fountains. Not everyone finds classic designs appealing, however, since many people find classical fountain designs a little too ostentatious for their tastes. Contemporary urn fountains feature sleeker designs and can even be personally designed by people prior to their passing or instead by people making arrangements after a person's passing. Of course, a customized funeral urn will usually come with a substantial cost that oftentimes exceeds anything you would pay for a fountain that is pre-made. If the contemporary designs you review do not suit your tastes you may want to consider looking into designing one yourself or commissioning someone to design one according to your specifications.

Paying someone to tailor-make a fountain urn can be quite costly, but if you want a specific contemporary design that you simply can't find anywhere despite extensive searching then you may eventually find yourself deciding to have a fountain urn designed to your specifications. The upside of this decision is that you get the exact contemporary design you want, but the downside is the cost that you will pay in order to get exactly what you want.

Find Contemporary Urn Fountains Online

The Internet can be a fantastic resource to find contemporary urn fountains. This can be a viable option for people who do not find what they are looking for through a local funeral home. Some funeral homes and crematories also display available urn fountain designs on their websites.

Here is a brief listing of companies offering a decent selection of urn fountains with contemporary designs:

  • CrematoryUrns.com has a wide selection of fountains of varying sizes and prices. This company will work with customers to design a specific fountain to the buyer's liking.
  • Urn Wholesalers offer urn fountains in addition to other garden memorial products designed to hold cremated remains including bird baths and sundials.
  • Suprisingly, eBay and other online auction sites occasionally feature urn fountains from sellers. Although this is not a product that most people generally bargain shop for, once in a while shoppers may be able to stumble upon something suitable using a site such as this.

This is merely a brief listing of online companies offering fountains for urn use. A quick Internet search will yield more extensive results.

Funeral Homes

Many funeral homes and cemeteries offer a wide selection of urn fountains of varying designs. Ask to see a catalog or showcase of the products offered by the establishment, and be sure to also ask any other questions you may have such as:

  • Will the urn fountain hold the cremated remains of more than one person?
  • Can the fountain be personalized?
  • Does a guarantee accompany the purchase?
  • Does the cost include delivery and placement?

Depending on where you want to place your urn fountain, you may run into additional costs and fees associated with the placement. Make sure you get all the information you need prior to signing a contract because an important purchase like this should not be entered into lightly.

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Urn Fountains for a Lovely, Contemporary Memorial