Companion Urns for True Eternal Love 

Companion Urn

If you and your significant other plan on being cremated when the time comes, consider a companion cremation urn. When two people connect in life, they sometimes want to continue to be together after passing. These specific urns will allow you and your loved one to remain together forever. Companion urns and double urns are the best choice for couples who want to share the same final resting place.

Choosing Companion Cremation Urns

There are many urns available to choose from such as single urns, outdoor fountain urns, tabletop urn fountains, companion urns and double urns. Companion urns have two compartments for the ashes of two people. A double urn allows you to place two people together in one urn.

Many different materials create these urns, which provide each with a distinctive appearance. These urns can come in many different shapes, styles and colors. The first step in looking for a double or companion urn is to consider the type you desire.

Types of Companion Urns

  • Metal cremation urns: These sophisticated urns come in brass, bronze and stainless steel. They are durable and will last for a long time. You also have the option to personalize these as long as there is a flat side to the urn. Many of them come with engraved designs directly on them or on the base of the two urns. Some of these urns are also decorative statues.
  • Marble and stone urns: Marble and stone cremation urns are popular but are the most expensive. These consist of marble or stone not mixed with any other materials. With a wide selection of colors are available, these urns can also be engraved.
  • Cultured marble urns: Cultured marble urns are different from standard marble urns because they include resin along with marble. Since there is a mixture of material, these urns are much less expensive than solid marble without compromising durability. Personalizing is available for this companion cremation urn by engraving names, dates or messages.
  • Glass, crystal or ceramic companion urns: If you plan to have your urn displayed, you may consider one made from glass, crystal or ceramic. You will find these in many different bright colors and some with designs. No personalization is available because of its delicateness. If you decide later on that you would like to bury this urn, that is not a problem.
  • Wood urns: If hardwood is more of your style, you will like the walnut, oak, pine, mahogany or cherry type of companion urn. Engrave them with names, dates or personal messages. You can use this type of urn for display or burial.

Shapes of Urns for Companions

Many shapes of companions urns are available. Some people like their double urns to symbolize their life together and other urns reflect spiritual beliefs. Mainely Urns has a Respite Double Urn which is a loving couple leaning on each other on a bench. Another design by Mainely Urn, called Dance of Life Double Urn, has two people dancing on the top of the urn. Other shapes such as round, pyramid, and vase and boxed-formed urns are available.

Personalizing an Urn

If you are buying this urn for someone else and you wish to engrave a message on it, you can choose something short similar to headstone inscriptions. Double and companion urns are usually personalized with names, dates, messages, pictures, religious and military symbols as long as there is a place on the urn that is flat for engraving.

Selecting a Size

When choosing the size of your urn, the bigger you purchase the better since it will ensure enough space. Most urns for adults like the companion urn measures 200 cubic inches. If you plan on scattering some of the ashes and keeping some in an urn, you can use a smaller urn or keepsake urn.

If you want to purchase an urn that is smaller than the recommended 200 cubic inches, you will need to know what size urn you need. To find out the exact amount of ashes that will be left take the person's weight and turn that into cubic inches. For every one pound of body weight, you will have one cubic inch of ashes. Therefore, you need that many cubic inches in the size of your urn.

Where to Find Companion Urns Online

  • In the Light Urns - This site has many unique companion and double urns such as castle urns, two separate vase urns on a two-heart base and many more.
  • Perfect Memorials - When deciding on a marble urn, this site has many styles and colors from which to choose.
  • Urn Garden - This site has a wide selection of marble urns in many unique shapes and styles.


Choosing an urn is not easy but it will help you come to terms with something that will inevitably happen. It will be good to know that even after you both have died, you will still be together as one forever. Companion cremation urns or double urns will provide you and your loved ones a sense of peace and remembrance of the undying love that you and your companion have for each other.

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Companion Urns for True Eternal Love