Ideas for Children's Headstones

A Look at Children's Headstones

Some of the sadder sights at a cemetery are those of children's headstones. While no parent feels that he or she should ever have to bury a child, there are times when it happens.

Children die for many reasons: Stillbirths, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, accidents, and illnesses are just a few of the causes. One of the ways to memorialize the child is through a proper headstones.

Cemeteries usually have a section dedicated to children who have died. You will find a variety of children's headstones there from plain and simple to detailed and beautiful.

Bright and Colorful Decorations

There typically is room on a child's headstone for statues and stuffed toys such as teddy bears, bunny rabbits, and angels. Especially during the first few years after a child's death, colorful and bright flowers are frequently placed graveside.

Never Forgotten

Decades ago, when an infant died shortly before or at birth, he or she was buried in an unmarked grave such as this. Many times, the parents never saw the child, nor was he or she named. Cemeteries should have records as to whom is buried in that grave, but even with a marker that reads "Baby," you know that child was not forgotten.

Honoring Junior

A simple three-letter word, such as son, tells everyone that your son is buried at that site. If the child who died is an adult, it may also state that he was a father and spouse, too.

Simplicity at Its Best

If a headstone seems too elaborate, a cemetery vase with a plaque is also an appropriate way to honor a deceased child at any age.

Speak from Your Heart

A simple phrase or song title is the perfect children's headstone inscription. Your sentiments can be simple and to the point, or longer and elaborate. It all depends on how you feel and what you want to display.

Decorations Allowed

Holiday decorations can quickly brighten up a child's grave. For instance, decorative reindeer and a beaded tree garland is perfect for Christmas. Some cemeteries allow for small Christmas trees or more elaborate holiday decor.

Painful Reminder

If you don't want to your child's personal information made public -- such as full name or gender -- it is okay just to state date and age of the deceased boy or girl. There is no steadfast rule as to what has to be on a headstone.

White for Innocence

White crosses placed on children's headstones or grave symbolizes that a young one is buried there. These can be placed there temporarily while a headstone is be prepared or permanently, depending on the wishes of the family.

You can Design your own headstone with any symbols and inscriptions you like. Remember, whatever you put on a child's headstone is permanently in place. Be careful when choosing your words.

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Ideas for Children's Headstones