Child Loss Ornament

child loss ornament

One of the most poignant ways to remember a deceased young one at Christmas is with a child loss ornament. This simple addition to your holiday tree will not only add a bit of glimmer, but will also serve as a small memorial to the child who died.

Why an Ornament?

Christmas is a very special time of year -- it's the season for family and friends to gather together and celebrate each other. After all, Christians honor this day as the birth of Jesus Christ. So when a much-anticipated and loved child is not alive on Christmas, parents and other family members try their best to include him or her in the celebration. This can be done through hanging a stocking for the child, donating Christmas gifts in his or her name or by purchasing a special ornament that will adorn the family's holiday tree for many years.

Some families purchase only one ornament to commemorate the first Christmas without the child, while others purchase a different ornament every year, just as they would buy one for their living children. These ornaments may not always be specifically loss-related, but will always in some way remind the family of the child who died.

Types of Child Loss Ornaments

Specific child loss ornaments comes in many styles and sizes. There are ones made especially for young babies or those for older children who have died. Styles include ornaments with:

  • Photo holders
  • Angels
  • Babies in cradles
  • Angels alone or holding children
  • Doves
  • Baby animals
  • Footprints or handprints
  • Hearts and ribbons
  • Crosses and religious figures
  • Poems or sayings
  • Children playing
  • Children sleeping

These ornaments, many of which can be inscribed with your child's name, also come in a variety of materials including:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Rope
  • Styrofoam
  • String, yarn or thread
  • Fabric
  • Pewter or other metal

Where to Find Child Loss Ornaments

The best selection of child loss holiday ornaments can be found online. While you may find a few at a religious store or specialty gift shop, you will find a larger variety on the Internet. Many of these ornaments can be purchased year-round as well:

  • Find Gift has a My First Christmas in Heaven Ornament. This keepsake can be used to memorialize a baby lost through miscarriage or infant death.
  • Sympathy Solutions offers a Tiny Toes Memorial Ornament which comes in a set of two. Each bootie ornament has a tag to hold the special child's name and other details.
  • Catholic Supply sells a Teardrop Memorial Ornament, which features a rose inside of teardrop.
  • Remembering Our Babies has a remarkable child loss ornament made from sterling silver which can be personalized. There's also the option for parents to add more stars to the ornament to signify multiple losses.
  • BrushedByAnAngel offers a personalized ornament that can be inscribed with your deceased child's name. The ornament comes with a ribbon hanger is the color of your choice and a charm.

A Final Thought

More times than not, a parent -- usually the mother -- will want to purchase the deceased child's holiday ornament, especially the first one after he or she died. If you are thinking of purchasing one for a family member or friend, make sure they will be OK with that since it is something so personal and special, and usually they are. The holidays can be a very trying time of year for grieving families, and any remembrance of their deceased child will be very much appreciated.

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Child Loss Ornament