Cheap Funeral Flowers That Are Thoughtful and Gorgeous

Inexpensive single red rose for a funeral

You can spend a fortune on a beautiful bouquet or arrangement for most occasions, but where do you go for cheap funeral flowers? The term cheap flowers sounds distasteful to some when associated with the death of a loved one. However, there is nothing wrong with looking for a pretty bargain, especially if you have limited funds available.

What are Cheap Funeral Flowers?

When a loved one, coworker, business associate or neighbor dies, it is customary to send flowers. Some people have these delivered to the actual funeral, while others take them to the graveside, especially if the service is held there.

Instead of investing in an arrangement with a steep price tag, flowers that are inexpensive help when you are on a budget. This does not mean that the flowers will necessarily look any less beautiful, they just won't cost as much. You want the flowers to look nice because this is a way you can express your condolences for your friend's loss. Flowers are typically meant to bring hope and healing to those in fresh grief, and even inexpensive flowers can look lovely when accompanied by a beautiful condolence message on the death of a father, mother or another loved one. Yes, you can do this, and spend less.

Where to Look

Buying funeral flowers at the discount rack at a grocery store is not a good idea since these flowers generally are marked down because they are old and therefore, will last long and hold up nicely. You want the recipient of the gift to be honored, not feel like the flowers scream, cheap! If you cannot afford a nice arrangement, even at a discounted price, perhaps a bud vase with a single rose will express your sympathy. Of course, there are other ways to show sympathy; just sending a card or a small gift can also be quite thoughtful.

If you are an avid gardener with gorgeous, lush roses or other flowers, gathering a vase-full will be appreciated by grievers. Place these flowers in a tall, slender vase and spend some time making them look elegant and well-presented. You can carry these to the funeral home when you attend the service.

If you don't have your own garden, or if the season is one which there are no flowers growing in your garden, consider a local florist or an online company.

Online Cheap Funeral Flowers

These florists prefer that the word affordable or discount or sale be associated with their flowers as opposed to cheap:

  • Cheap Flowers wants you to know that when you use them to have flowers sent, the card will not read cheap flowers. They also do not charge extra fees as many florists do for delivery. This is their way of keeping the costs low.
  • Proflowers has a wide assortment and will deliver to anywhere in the United States.
  • Dot's Florist lets you view its affordable selections in a variety of prices.
  • Schaefer Greenhouses have flowers that hold low-budget price tags, but their assortments still send those messages of love.
  • Arena Flowers, located in the United Kingdom, claim that sending flowers doesn't have to be costly.

Flowers Brighten

As you choose your flowers for the funeral, know that the bereaved friend will be grateful for your gift. A card, in addition to the arrangement, will also be well-received, so keep that in mind. If you feel that the funeral may have an abundance of flowers, you can always opt to send your floral selection to the home of the bereaved. Flowers are such a wonderful token of sympathy and add brightness to the dreariness of loss that they will always be welcome.

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Cheap Funeral Flowers That Are Thoughtful and Gorgeous