Cemetery Flower Vases

Cemetary Flower Vase

When looking for cemetery flower vases, there are many styles, colors and designs available. First and foremost, you will want a cemetery flower holder that is durable and will withstand any type of weather condition. You want your loved one's headstone to look nice for honor and remembrance. Placing a strong vase will ensure that you will keep the grave site looking beautiful.

Types of Cemetery Flower Vases

Deciding on a container for someone who has died is difficult, but you want to show your continued love through the beauty of flowers. When choosing a vase you want to find the perfect one. Think about what your deceased loved one would like as well as what you think would look nice with the headstone.

Styles of Flower Holders

Cemetary Flower Vase
  • Shape: The first thing to decide on is the shape you would like to purchase for your real or silk flowers. You can decide on a cone-shaped vase, cylinder or urn-shaped. The shape does not usually effect how long the vase will last so this is something that you can choose based solely on the design.
  • Bronze vases: Bronze cemetery vases are one of the most popular and will not only remain strong through bad weather but will continue to look good as well. You can find bronze flower containers in colors such as brown and gold. Some of these even come with engraved designs.
  • Granite/marble vases: Granite and marble cemetery vases are another type that will remain appearing new through the elements. These flower vases are usually built right into the headstone or can be added afterwards if there is enough room for them on the base or side of the headstone. They can come in light or dark stone colors or different colored marble to match the headstone.
  • Cast metal vases: These holders are much less expensive than other types of vases. They are durable but may show wear after some time. You will need to replace these vases after a few years. The cast metal vase is the most common that you see in cemeteries.

Location of your Flower Vase

You might want to consider where you want to place your flowers at the grave site. Many vases are located in front of the gravestone which can block the person's name or loving words. If this is a problem for you, other options are available such as vases that are placed on the side of the headstone or lifted above.

Another accessory is the flower vase lifter. You can either attach your vase to the ground or onto the headstone but another option is to use this vase lifter which will keep it off wet ground preventing moisture damage. The cemetery flower lifter will keep the real or silk flower holder from being hit by maintenance workers mowing the lawn.

Where to Find Headstone Flower Vases

  • Monumate - If you have decided on a headstone attached vase this site has them available.


A lot of thought is necessary when choosing a headstone for your loved one. You want the symbolism of the headstone to show how much the person is loved and missed. Adding flowers to the site will add to this symbolism and show that this person has not been forgotten. The headstone and cemetery flower vase you place at the site will give your loved one a final resting place of peace and beauty..

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Cemetery Flower Vases