Popular & Appropriate Catholic Funeral Songs

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Music is an important component of a Catholic funeral. The particular church where the funeral is being held may have a specific list of songs that you will need to choose among. Even if your options are limited to a list provided by your parish, you'll be able to select among a number of religious songs appropriate for a funeral service. Some of the most popular options include:

Amazing Grace

This hauntingly beautiful song Amazing Grace is a popular choice for Catholic funerals and church services alike. This hauntingly beautiful song is a powerful and appropriate testament to faith and the power of grace, even when coping with the loss of a loved one. It is often played during the entrance or processional at the end of the service.

Ave Maria

Often played during the offertory at Catholic funeral masses, the almost meditative quality of Ave Maria provides a perfect backdrop for mourners to reflect on their loved one who has died during this period of extended silence during the service.

Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid is among the most popular songs for Catholic funerals, as its lyrics focus on providing comfort during a time of transition, loss and fear. It serves as a reminder to not only to not fear for the loved one who has departed, but also encourages mourners not to be afraid of the unknown future that lies ahead as they move forward without their loved one.

Bread of Angels

Bread of Angels is a particularly appropriate song to play during Holy Communion at a Catholic funeral mass. It strikes the perfect prayerful note as attendees approach the altar to receive the Eucharist.

Here I Am, Lord

Here I Am Lord is a good option for Catholic funerals. It is particularly appropriate as an entrance hymn for a funeral mass, though it can also be used in other parts of the service. The lyrics of this powerful song send a strong message of hope and faith in the power of God.

How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art is traditionally included in Catholic funerals during the entrance or processional. The words of this hauntingly beautiful song remind mourners of the awesome presence of God in all aspects of life.

I Am the Bread of Life

With its powerful message of hope, I Am the Bread of Life is a popular choice for Catholic funeral masses. It is often selected as the music to be played during Holy Communion.

On Eagles Wings

On Eagles Wings is a particularly appropriate song for the processional of a Catholic funeral mass. This song provides a powerful send-off as the service draw to a close and mourners follow the immediate family of the departed loved one from the church to move forward in their grief and into their next phase of their life on earth.

One Bread, One Body

One Bread, One Body is a popular hymn for funeral masses. This popular song for Catholic funerals reminds mourners of the unity of existence in faith and the oneness of life.

Prayer of St. Francis

The Prayer of St. Francis is a well-known Catholic prayer. The lyrical version of this prayer can be a beautiful and appropriate musical selection for a Catholic funeral setting. It is a funeral song people can relate to, particularly those who are familiar with its importance to the Catholic faith.

Beautiful Catholic Funeral Songs

These beautiful hymns provide a wonderful soundtrack for a Mass said in celebration of the life of your loved one. Look for songs that pair with the Catholic funeral readings that will be featuring during the ceremony. Whether you're planning a funeral for your mom or dad, or another important person in your life who has passed away, choosing the right music for their funeral service can honor their memory while also provide some degree of comfort and hope to you, your family, and others who are mourning the loss of a person for whom they cared deeply.

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Popular & Appropriate Catholic Funeral Songs