Mourning and Coping With the Loss of a Pet

How to Explain the Death of a Pet to a Child Gently

How to Explain the Death of a Pet to a Child Gently

Telling children about the loss of a pet can be very emotional and difficult. You don't want to make your children feel sadder than they already are, but it's important to help them get through this grieving… Keep reading »

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mourning the loss of a pet

The loss of a pet can feel the same as the loss of a person. Pet owners consider a beloved pet as part of the family and seek ways to cope with their pet loss.

How To Cope With the Loss of a Pet

The coping mechanisms and techniques used for the loss of a loved one can be applied to the loss of a pet. The loss of a pet after a long illness may be different from an unexpected sudden death, but each type of loss requires a grieving process. There are several helpful ways you can move through your grief. It's important to hold on to the good memories you have of your pet as you allow yourself to feel the loss of your companion.

Words for Coping With Pet Loss

While words can't take away the pain you feel over the loss of your pet, they can offer you a path of acceptance and eventual emotional healing. You can find several ways to use words to aid you in coping your loss.

Quotes About Losing a Pet

One of the most common ways pet owners cope over the loss of a pet is to use quotes that express your love for your pet and the sadness you feel over its death. This can be as simple as reading quotes out loud or choosing a quote for an appropriate pet epitaph on a pet grave marker.

Poetry and Bible Verses

Another wonderful way to remember your pet and find comfort is to read Bible verses. Reciting poetry also offers words that can touch your heart and offer consolation during your time of grief. You may be inspired to write a poem about your dog or cat as a wonderful way to remember your beloved companion.

Communicating With Your Pet

Many people find they continue to talk to their pet after it has passed away. Others report having dreams where their pet visits with them. There are many meaningful ways that people and their pet companions communicate long after the pet has died. In such instances, you may find solace.

How to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

How you choose to say goodby to your pet includes making a burial decision. You may choose to bury your pet in a casket or decide that cremation is a better option.

Choose the Perfect Urn for Your Pet's Ashes

Deciding on the urn to hold your pet's ashes can be part of the coping process. Making a choice about how your pet shall be remembered can be expressed by the type of cremation urn you choose and where you display it.

Decision to Bury Your Pet in a Casket

Some people find comfort by choosing to bury their companion in a pet casket. You can find pet caskets in all price ranges and a few that are economical with discounted pricing.

Appropriate Gifts for Pet Loss

If you know someone who has recently lost a beloved pet, you may want to send a sympathy gift. You may even find a gift basket just for this purpose.

Loss of a Pet and Saying Goodbye

Just as with any loss of a loved one, saying goodbye to a pet is painful. You can ease the pain of your loss by finding loving ways to remember your pet.

Mourning and Coping With the Loss of a Pet