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20 Popular & Appropriate Catholic Funeral Songs

20 Popular & Appropriate Catholic Funeral Songs

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It is true that a photograph can speak a thousand words; slideshows can showcase the many sides of the death experience throughout the world. Death has a distinct way of prompting very strong emotions, but it's the one thing that every single person will experience at some point.

Honoring the Deceased

Though a person may be gone, they are not forgotten. Many people who are grieving find comfort in honoring their departed loved one, whether it's through exquisite urns for ashes after a cremation, beautiful monuments to place in a cemetery, or flower sprays to adorn the casket at the funeral. Lovely caskets and beautiful headstones will not only serve a practical purpose, but can help mourners feel as though they are providing the deceased with a fitting exit.

Gifts for the Grieving

Etiquette doesn't require people to send gifts to people mourning the death of a loved one, but an unexpected gesture can help a person feel a little more supported in their time of grief. Sending flowers is quite acceptable, as is arranging for meals for the family left behind. The gift of helping can be greatly appreciated, especially when difficult tasks are taken out of the hands of the people mourning. Helping write an obituary or dealing with getting the word out about the memorial service can take some of the pressure off those close to the deceased.

Mourning a Child

The death of a child is a jolting, life changing experience that is fraught with anguish and profound grief. Parents need to be surrounded by loving, caring people while they adjust to life after the death of a child.

Dealing With Grief

Stillborn babies require a period of mourning, just as any other death will. Choosing a headstone for a child is an incredibly difficult task, but many parents choose angel themed statues to memorialize their deceased child. The symbolism of angels and the ascent to Heaven can help comfort mourners in such a sensitive time.

The Great Unifier

Everyone experiences death, although each death experience is unique. While mourners in Victorian England considered it acceptable and customary to take photographs with the bodies of people who passed away, some cultures treat death as though death is a taboo topic.

Fascination With Death

Some people find the topic of death to be fascinating, especially when a celebrity passes away. Celebrities may seem untouchable, but they're just as susceptible to terminal disease as everyone else. Annually, Americans face the topic of death when they recognize Memorial Day, which has oddly evolved from a somber holiday into an ushering-in of the summer months.

Why Dying Images Are Important

Grief is known as the silent epidemic. People die every day and many grieve alone or with family members at home. Turning to the Internet for support is not uncommon. Finding pictures to which people can relate can help with the bereavement process. Individuals will realize they are not alone on their journey and may actually find some much-needed hope.

Death and Dying Slideshows