Death and Dying Slideshows

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dying slideshows

It is true that a photograph can speak a thousand words, and this Death and dying slideshows showcase the many sides of death in grief throughout the world. From a simple photo of a sunset to candle burning quietly in the night, these plus many other images illustrate a person's life when they are faced with the death of a loved one.

Images Found in the Dying Slideshows

Some of the images are designed to give you ideas of choosing items needed for a funeral and burial:

Yet other dying slideshows focus on the people behind death: Family members, friends and yes, even celebrities who have died. You will also find slideshows on popular and top songs played at funerals, including options to purchase the music online.

Why Dying Images Are Important

Grief is known as the silent epidemic. People die every day and many grieve alone or with family members at home. Turning to the Internet for support is not uncommon. Finding pictures to which people can relate can help with the bereavement process. Individuals will realize they are not alone on their journey and may actually find some much-needed hope.

Death and Dying Slideshows