Burial and Cremation Options

Military Funeral Etiquette and Protocols to Expect

Military Funeral Etiquette and Protocols to Expect

While any funeral is a reverent affair, military funeral protocols are typically more formal. All attendees are generally expected to maintain their bearing and not cause a commotion. This is particularly true… Keep reading »

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burial and cremation

Choosing a loved one's final resting place is not an easy task. If specific instructions were left in a will or other legal document, then the choice is much simpler. But, if the person's death is sudden or if burial plans were not outlined, then you may have to make a big decision in a very short amount of time.

At Burial and Cremation, LoveToKnow will highlight different options available for both of these methods. While some cultures forbid having their loved ones cremated, in other parts of the world, that may be the most popular choice.


Many people choose burials as a way to honor their loved ones after they've passed away. Burials allow you create a space especially for your loved one and also gives you the option of creating a headstone and visiting the burial site to pay your respects. In terms of burial, LoveToKnow will cover everything having to do with funerals and laying someone to rest in a cemetery or mortuary, including:


Cremation can be an incredibly meaningful option for the family and the deceased. The deceased may have outlined wanting their ashes spread at a special location, or the family may choose to spread their ashes somewhere that holds beautiful memories. Topics here will include:

Understanding Burial and Cremation Options

When it comes to figuring out the best resting place for your loved one, LoveToKnow has some great resources that can help you make an informed decision. Take a look at the differences between cremation and burial options and keep in mind there is no right or wrong choice. Selecting a burial or cremation option can be a stressful and upsetting task that may feel overwhelming. Take your time reading through these resources and seek the help of a counselor or therapist if you would like some extra support and guidance during this difficult time.

Burial and Cremation Options