Burial and Cremation

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burial and cremation

Choosing a loved one's final physical resting place is not an easy task. Of course, if specific instructions were left in a will or other legal document, then the choice is easy. But if the person's death is sudden and burial plans were not outlined, then you have to make a big decision in a very short amount of time.

At Burial and Cremation, we will highlight different options available for both of these methods. While some cultures forbid having their people cremated, in other parts of the world, that may be the most logical choice.


In terms of burial, we will focus on everything that deals with funerals and laying someone to rest in a cemetery or mortuary, including:

  • Choices available for funeral homes
  • How to write an obituary for your local newspaper
  • Ways at keeping a grave site lit up at night
  • Images from Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia
  • Regulations and laws regarding burial in your state


While not always a first choice for many, cremation is becoming a more ideal method for handling a deceased person's remains. Topics here will include:

  • Rituals surrounding burying a cremated person
  • State laws and regulations regarding cremation
  • Urns for persons and pets
  • Bereavement jewelry designed to carry some ashes
  • Choosing a cremation service
Burial and Cremation