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Lovely Casket Floral Spray Images

A Beautiful Reminder

Casket sprays are a personal way to honor a loved one who has died. Usually, the closest personal family member is the one who chooses this arrangement. Traditionally, a spray is a large bouquet of flowers that spreads across the top of the casket. The spray represents respect for the deceased and sympathy for the grieving.

Simple Yet Elegant

You can have your florist create n elegant casket spray can with classic white or cream roses and green carnations. White ribbon adorns the spray, and it is a lovely option for someone of any gender or age. Adding to the elegance is the white casket; however, this arrangement would also look striking atop a darker, wood-toned coffin.

Colorful Casket Spray Options

When the casket has a striking hue, you'll want to make sure the flowers accent the casket appropriately. For example, with a maroon coffin, you can set the spray apart with ribbons trailing down the sides. Deep pink and fuchsia Gerbera daisies, greenery, and small white accent flowers create a lovely sight.

Two-Toned Spray

While any color of flower is appropriate to honor a loved one, you can request certain colors in the spray to match the coffin or according to the deceased's favorite color. For example, orange roses reflect the gold tones in the casket hardware and are a lovely alternative to typical red, pink or purple options. Top with cream or white roses to bring the color scheme back to match the casket.

Sprays With Height

You don't have to pick a spray that drapes over, or spreads across, the casket. Instead, consider selecting a spray with height. This can add interest when a casket sits close to the ground or in a large room with high ceilings. Small white flowers paired with greenery keep the spray from overwhelming the eye. Consider using stephanotis or forget-me-nots. Make sure the spray has some width, too, using ferns and more greenery for balance.

Pastel Flower Spray

Pastel roses, in hues such as lavender and pink, are often selected for females or in spring to reflect seasonal colors. Pastel tones complement light-colored caskets such as white or pine. The tones range in shade and depth, adding interest to the traditional spray.

Green ferns create the majority of the base of this arrangement, completing the classic look. Request a few other pieces of greenery if you want to add depth; place them close to the flowers to highlight their blooms.

Time-Honored Tradition

When someone who served the country passes, honor him or her appropriately. Sometimes this means forgoing the traditional casket spray and coming up with something more fitting. White gloves and red carnations make an appropriate display to honor anyone from police to military personnel.

Line of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a simple tribute to your loved one and work well for late summer and fall funerals. This display features small blooms arranged in a line with leaves interspersed between them. This look is easy to recreate yourself; wrap floral wire around stems as you add them. Tie a large yellow ribbon at the end.

Red Rose With Baby's Breath

Red roses with baby's breath are a classic selection. If the viewing or funeral is going to feature an open casket, make sure you let your florist know. Then she can create an appropriately sized spray to set on the end of the casket. Offer the florist measurements of the closed portion.

Flowers to Pair With Wicker

When selecting a natural-looking casket, you'll want to pick a spray that fits the style. Cream roses and yellow mums are the primary flowers in this spray and they bring out the wicker's natural tones. The colors are found in nature and help create an organic feel.

Ribbons Signify Relationships

The sprays displayed on a coffin often have ribbons attached that mention the loved one's relationship(s) in life. "Loving Mom," "Cherished Grandfather," "Devoted Father" and other sayings can come pre-printed on ribbons that match the flowers in the spray. You can use several smaller bouquets to adorn a casket for someone who played more than one important role in life.

Stargazer Lily Arrangement

Stargazer lilies add a pop of pink to this arrangement that also features yellow roses, cornflower and accent flowers. Ferns create the base for the spray. Select stargazers for a summer display or for someone whose personality was as bright as the flower itself.

Purple Iris Spray

Bright purple irises are the highlight of this bouquet that also features purple roses and sage. A few pink carnations and roses break up the darker hues of the greenery and purple blooms. The cream lily draws the eye to the center of the arrangement. This arrangement is another example that features vertical interest.

Unexpected Reds and Whites

Red and white is a classic color combination, however, instead of sticking to roses or carnations, switch things up. Add hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, daisies, and even anthurium in both colors to create an eye-catching spray. Using unexpected flowers makes the display memorable and can honor a loved one's personality.

Bright Tulips

Tulips are vivid spring bulbs. Large bouquets work well as sprays in spring and can honor someone's sunny disposition in life. Look for bulbs that are not quite fully open so you don't have to worry about losing petals. Mixing colors creates a brilliant display.

Coordinating Your Funeral Flowers

Flank the casket with matching floral displays. Coordinating the flowers near the casket creates a beautiful look during the funeral service or religious ceremony. The matching flower displays can be donated to the church or given to spouses, siblings or children after the ceremony.

Funeral flowers are an important part of saying goodbye to your loved one. Select a spray that fits your budget and the tone of the funeral while honoring the deceased.

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Lovely Casket Floral Spray Images