Burial Flag Display Case Options to Honor Loved Ones 

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A burial flag display box is an important way to honor the U.S. soldier or sailor in your life who has died. It is customary that during that person's funeral, which is known as being buried with military honors, for the next of kin to receive a specially folded United States flag, which is draped over the coffin during the service. Many times, that flag remains folded and put into a memorial display box and put in a place of honor within the home.

Flag-Draped Coffins and Military Honors

Besides active and retired servicemen and women, current and former U.S. presidents are all buried with military honors. As part of a custom that dates back to the 18th century, the blue field of the flag will be placed at the head of the casket, over the deceased person's left shoulder during the funeral. Once the graveside services are completed, there will be a 21-gun salute, after which time, the flag will be folded by members of the Honor Guard or Flag Detail and presented to the deceased person's spouse or other living relative. Taps is normally played before this ceremony.

Folding the Flag

Before the folded flag is presented, it is folded 13 times (for the original U.S. colonies) into the shape of a triangle. The folds also represent:

  1. Symbol of life
  2. Symbol of our belief in the eternal life
  3. Made in honor of the veteran who has died
  4. Represents our weaker nature
  5. Represents a tribute to the United States of America
  6. Symbol of where our hearts lie
  7. Tribute to the Armed Forces of the United States
  8. Tribute to the one who "entered in to the valley of the shadow of death"
  9. Tribute to womanhood
  10. Tribute to fathers
  11. Represents, according to Hebrew heritage, the lower portion of the seal of King David and King Solomon
  12. Represents, in the Christian faith, an emblem of eternity
  13. The final fold is where the stars are uppermost and is supposed to remind everyone of the national motto, "In God We Trust."

The flag is tucked in to the shape of a "cocked hat" in memory of soldiers and sailors who perished when the United States was founded. The flag is then presented, with each branch of the military using its own wording during the presentation.

Purchasing a Burial Flag Display Box

Once the folded flag is brought home, the best place to put it would be a display or shadow box -- a glass- and wood-enclosed case made to preserve the flag, while showcasing it at the same time. The boxes come in many sizes, styles and colors:

  • Glass Tabletop and Flag Case: This cherry wood case displays a standard-sized burial flag (five-feet by nine-and-a-half-feet) folded service flag.
  • Flag and Memorabilia Display holds a standard-sized burial flag along with military metals and awards. It comes in a walnut finish and has a glass front. Memorabilia can be mounted with Velcro. Mounting hardware and instructions included.
  • Large Glass Top Flag Display Table: This cherry wood table with solid brass hardware allows you to display your standard-sized flag or a smaller one (three-feet by five-feet) in a drawer. The glass top allows you to view the flag while it's safe inside the table.

Other Uses for the Display Box

Burial flag display boxes can also be used to display flags from the different branches of the Armed Forces, as well as flags from other countries. They don't have to be used to display burial flags. Buy one and create a lasting memory for your loved one who is retiring from the U.S. military. They are great keepsakes that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Burial Flag Display Case Options to Honor Loved Ones