Poems of Comfort After A Death

Sympathy card; copyright Muamui at Dreamstime.com

It's only natural to want to send some comforting words to a friend, family member or acquaintance that has just lost a loved one. Sympathy cards are filled with verses meant to give strength and encouragement, but you can also send a personal sympathy note if you wish. The following poems are examples of ways to offer comfort and compassion through poetry.

Poems of Sympathy and Comfort

We'll See This Through

They say this, too, shall pass,
They say grief eventually fades.
But those sayings are of little comfort
When you're living through such sad days.

They say that time heals all,
And this much I know is true.
So hang in there, my dearest friend,
And together we'll see this through


Time brings perspective.
Time eases the pain.
Time heals the heart.
Time revives hope.

In time, you'll learn to embrace life again.

Whatever You Need...

Whatever you need,
Whatever we can do.
We want you to know
That we're here for you.

If you just want to talk
Or need a shoulder to cry on,
We want you to know that
We're here for you to rely on.

However lonely you feel,
You definitely are not alone.
We are only as far away
As the nearest phone.

So don't hesitate to call,
No matter what you need.
We'll rush to your side
With all Heaven's speed.

Our Deepest Sympathy

Grieving couple

To send our deepest sympathy
Just doesn't seem like enough.
We know how your grief must burden you,
How this time must be so rough.

But try to believe in your heart of hearts,
That your pain won't last forever,
That sadness will lighten a little each day,
and you'll eventually feel much better.

When that day comes, your memories
Will focus on the good, not the bad.
Instead of feeling burdened by tears,
You'll cherish the happy times you had.

He's Only Gone on Ahead

He's only gone on ahead of you,
Not just left you behind.
Although you can't be with him right now,
He lives on in your heart and mind.

The day will come when you'll meet again
On Heaven's distant shore,
And the two of you will walk hand in hand
Together forever more.

Trust in God's Plan

It's hard to understand
Why God takes those we love.
Does He need them more than we do,
In Heaven up above?

No one on earth can pretend
To know what's in God's plan.
All we can do is take it on faith
And trust we'll see our loved ones again.

Words From the Heart

People grieve in different ways, and it can be difficult to choose just the right words to express your sympathy and support. Whether you write a poem of your own or send one written by someone else, make sure that the sentiment rings true. If the verse touches your heart, it will likely touch the heart of the person who is bereaved and bring a little comfort to ease his or her loss.

Poems of Comfort After A Death